Download the rules of oral personal olympiad

At the beginning of the Olympiad, participants receive tasks from 5 tasks (tasks of the re-output). For different classes, the Olympiad may last different times. For example, for grade 4 – 120 minutes (2 hours), for 10-11 classes – 210 minutes (3.5 hours).

If you think that a certain problem was solved with proper justification orally or on a draft, then it is not necessary to record it in detail, but you need to go to the jury room and tell this decision to the jury member.

To solve each problem, you have three attempts: if you made a mistake in the first attempt, or the solution was wrong or not complete, then the jury member points you to a flaw in the solution and you have two more attempts.

If a jury counts your solution to the problem at the first attempt, then you get 7 points for it. If from the second, the task is credited by 6 points, if from the third, then you will get 5 points for it. After the third unsuccessful attempt, even if you are sure that you now know its correct solution, it can no longer be passed, more precisely, you will not be awarded points for it. If after one or two attempts you realized that you are not able to solve this problem correctly, then proceed to solving other problems.

Points for tasks will be recorded both in your card and in the general protocol in the jury room.

If earlier than 30 minutes before the end of the Olympiad, you will solve at least 3 problems, then you will get an additional 3 more tasks (output tasks). Thus, the maximum you can solve 8 tasks and score a maximum of 56 points. Those who could not solve 3 problems before the end of the Olympiad will solve and pass the jury 5 tasks of the election by the end of the Olympiad.

If you see that all the jury members are busy in the jury room, you can go back and continue solving other problems, and then try to pass several solutions at once.