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Option #1 (Individual Blitz)

"Individual blitz" is a short competition held to determine in the event of a draw the winner in a fight, which, according to the rules of the competition, cannot end in a draw. In the individual blitz, there are six participants who are listed first on their teams' lists and team captains. Before the start of the blitz, the jury throws a draw and assigns one of the teams the first number, the other — number two.

The first stage of the blitz consists of no more than six rounds. In each round, representatives of teams that are recorded in lists under the same numbers go to the board. In the first round, the first members of the teams come to the board, in the second round — recorded under the second number, etc. The format of the competition in each round corresponds to the format of the captains' competition. However, unlike the captains competition, the tasks of the first stage of the individual blitz must have mathematical meaning and cannot be game. If none of the participants agree within the deadline determined by the jury (and announced in advance) to answer the question posed, the winner of the round will be recognized as the participant from the team number one, if the round number is odd, and the participant from the second team, if the number is even. The winner's team has one point. If after any of the first six rounds one of the teams has 4 points, the blitz is stopped, this team will be recognized as the winner. If both teams have 3 points in six rounds of the first stage, the second stage of the blitz takes place.

The second stage consists of a single round — a duel of team captains. The round is also played according to the scheme of the captains competition. The task of the decisive round is the game, the numbering of teams is no longer important. Who walks the first jury determines by the draw. The winner of the blitz (and the fight) is considered the team that its captain won in the last round.

Option 2 (Team Blitz)

Team Blitz is a short competition held to determine in the event of a draw, but more than 2 teams can compete here at equal figures. Such situations occur when 3 or more teams score the same number of points in the previous group tournament. And for face-to-face meetings, each team must take its place.

Teams are simultaneously given some set of tasks (usually 7 or 9) for a short period of time (15-25 minutes), after which the teams submit to the jury only answers to tasks. For each correct answer, the team receives "+3" points, for each wrong answer receives a "-1" score. For those tasks where the answer is not given by the command, it receives "0". Next, the teams are divided into places according to the number of points scored.