About the first year of the summer mathematical school for Kyiv residents "Liko-Simplex"

The Simplex School of Mathematics completed a pilot semester of mathematics teaching for all students in grades 5-11. On the eve of the new academic year, we decided on the initiative of the liko school to hold a summer mathematical school on the basis of this school.

And summer school on the basis of "Lico-school"
with the support of the School of Mathematics "Si

03 June (Monday) – 14 June (Friday) 2019

Organizational moments of the Summer Mathematical School (LMSH)

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About All-Ukrainian Summer Mathematical School at UFML "Mathematical Olympus" and other summer schools

This year, as always, the V All-Ukrainian Summer School "Mathematical Olympus" based on the UFML will take place. We will inform about the conditions of its conduct a little later, when we finally find out all the details and conditions of its conduct. At the same time, registration will begin. But the announcement should be given now that it will take place, since now a number of summer schools have already been announced so that fans of our "Mathematical Olympus" do not worry. Read More