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SYMPLEX school is already forming training groups!

🧑 🏫 the long-awaited September 1 came and a new academic year began!
Congratulations to everyone! 🍀
We are pleased to announce that based on the results of registration and entrance testing, we are ready to open the following groups (in parentheses indicates the location where an additional offline group can be opened, provided that there are still those who want to) :
🟠 grade 5: online group, (+ KPI)
class 6: online group, (+ KPI)
grade 7: online group, (+ VDNG)
🔵 8
class: group online
🟣 9 class: group online
⚪️ class 10: online group, (+ KPI)
⚪️🟣 1
1th grade is divided – there are those who want to do Olympiad mathematics, and there are those who want to prepare for the EIT, but there are not so many of them so that we can open groups of both directions, so registration is still underway!
By the end of the week, groups are divided and schedules are compiled – check your mailboxes!!

📬 We are already writing to you!

ps. Many have been tested, but for some reason have not completed the registration, or vice versa, many emails have been sent today and we are waiting for your response to finish the division into groups!

Pre-entry for the new academic year to the school of mathematics SYMPLEX

photo_2021-04-04_19-13-56 Pre-entry for the new academic year to the school of mathematics SYMPLEX If your child likes mathematics, strives to be the winner of mathematical olympiads, wants to study in the circle of the same interested children,
and you do not want to miss the start of registration at the Symplex mathematics school for the next academic year,
leave your contact details in the form below and we will contact you when registration starts:

This is a registration for new students, everyone who is already with us, we will definitely inform!
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