Category Selection for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad

Appeal against the selection of the Kyiv team to the OM

We remind you that on March 17 there will be one appeal for all tours at once. Registration is accepted through the form. Unsealed applications will not be considered.

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Criteria (1st round)

Criteria (2nd round)

Registration for the appeal of the 1st round – until March 5, the 2nd round – until March 12, the 3rd round – until March 16 (inclusive).

Selection of Kyiv team for the 1st round

We present the results of the kyiv team and the UFML after the 1st round.

According to my oversight, there was a certain misunderstanding with the participant from Kyiv for the IV All-Ukrainian Olympiad for grades 5-7. I just now noticed that we have 2 participants divided 1 absolute place. Therefore, now we just need to make this clarification, the team gets one of the two who will show the total best result for these 3 rounds of selection. I'm sorry it's a certain delay.


Results of the selection of the team of Kyiv after the 3rd round

Kyiv team at the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad

1. Andriets Semen (Grade 9, Leader)
2. Vakhitov Anton (Grade 11, Scientific Change)
3. Gavrilyuk Anton (Grade 9, Scientific Change)
4. Henik Polina (Grade 8, Leader)
5. Volodymyr Didur (grade 10, Gymnasium No 178)
6. Ivanchuk Roksolana (Grade 9, Scientific Change)
7. Anton Kaminsky (Grade 9, PNL No 145)
8. Andrey Kovrigin (Grade 10, Lyceum No 208)
9. Aleksey Masalitin (Grade 11, Novopecherska School)
10. Vladyslav Matviychuk (Grade 9, Leader)
11. Naumets Zakhar (Grade 10, Leader)
12. Romaniuk Iryna (Grade 8, Leader)
13. Dmytro Rudenko (Grade 11, Leader)
14. Hasin Mark (11th grade, Rusanovsky Lyceum)
15. Mykhailo Shandenko (Grade 11, Leader)
16. Judin Fedor (11th grade, Lyceum No 208)

Spare in the team Peas Elizabeth (Grade 9, PNL No. 145)