Category Selection for international mathematical competitions

Top totals and further plans

I emphasize that we will carry out all our activities in accordance with the

epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the current restrictions in force

in Kyiv and KNU them.Shevchenko

  1. What has already been carried out
  2. Nearest prospects
  3. Our further measures
  4. Results of the XIV All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical battles named after Academician Lyashko
  5. Selection criteria for the IMO
  6. Ukraine's participation in the 9th European Mathematical Cup

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Results after 3tour selection for international mathematical olympiads. Appeal Information



The appeal of selections for the IMO and selections for Kyiv clubs will take place tomorrow from 9.00.
In order to amapel the tasks, you need to fill out the following forms (Attention! If you want to appeal several tasks, then fill out the form several times)

MMO selection appeal:
ppeal of selections to Kiev circles:
chedule of appeal and link to the conference zoom:–8Me0RUMkfw3S-cTZVZ44o2M6uorZtZj914Q4r1dk/edit?usp=sharing