Ukraine team's best performance at RMM 2020

From February 26 to March 2, the 12th Romanian Masters of Mathematics 2020 International Olympiad took place in Bucharest (Romania). For the fifth time, the Ukrainian team has received an invitation to this prestigious competition, focused on countries showing the best results at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

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Romanian Master in Mathematics – 2019

Terms of participation

I personally consider this event to be very complex and not indicative for further results at the IMO. The first time was last year, when tasks were more or less interesting and adequate in complexity. If this tradition continues, it will be pleasant. Although all this is my personal opinion. Remind. The official website of the tournament:

There you can see the timing of its conduct, conditions, etc. There it will be possible to monitor the course of events of this event for stakeholders.

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Various information about all events that have taken place and are expected soon…

Results of selection for the IMO

I remind you that everyone who wants to participate in the RMM in February 2019 should inform the heads of olympiads in Ukraine by November 18, 2018 – 1 person has already expressed his desire to participate at his own expense. Participants who shared 4-5 places should also respond to their participation – 1 of the participants have already responded positively to the proposed option 1). Finally, all approved team members, as well as those who will be given positive consent regarding their participation at their own expense, must deliver copies of their international passports by November 30, 2018 to purchase tickets.

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