European Summer Program on Rationality

Espr International Camp (European Summer Program on Rationality) is looking for inquisitive students and students with a mathematical background to teach them how to apply a technical style of thinking in real life and increase their impact on the world.

Description of the program according to them: "The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from game theory, cryptography, and mathematical logic, to AI safety, styles of communication, and cognitive science. The goal of the program is to help students hone rigorous, quantitative skills as they acquire a toolbox of useful concepts and practical techniques applicable in all walks of life.”

The announcement probably looks suspiciously similar to the WARP camp announcement from Feb. Espr is the summer version of WARP. Therefore, if you did not have time to apply or you were not accepted, this is a new chance!

More information:

The program will take place in Oxford, UK. This year there will be two changes, you can choose which one is more convenient: from August 17 to August 27 or from August 18 to August 28.
Cost: free of charge — including food, accommodation, visa costs and plane tickets.
Restrictions on participation are only age- 16 to 20 years (university students can also participate). The language of participation is English, no certificate is required.

Deadline: June 12.
You just need to fill out a Google form with a small mathematical problem and tell about yourself, after which they will be invited for an interview.

Feedback from a participant from Ukraine (Alina Jan, 2018): "It was extremely interesting, it was one of the greatest adventures of my life. I made a lot of friends there, and these acquaintances changed my way. By the way, if you read "Harry Potter and the methods of rational thinking", then you will understand what this camp is about, and if not, I advise you to read. You can ask me any details on e-mail. mail or telegram @olenka219".

Competitive set – 2022 at Rusanovskiy Lyceum!

logotip Competitive set – 2022 at Rusanovskiy Lyceum! Rusanivka Lyceum starts preliminary registration for those wishing to participate in the admission campaign for 2022-2023 academic year:

  • to 7th grade with in-depth study of mathematics and physics;
  • up to 10 class of information and technological profile of education;
  • up to 8 and 9 classes with in-depth study of mathematics and physics(for free places);
  • up to 10 and 11 classes of physical and mathematical profile of training (for free places);
  • up to the 11th grade of information and technological profile of training (for free places).

Information on the peculiarities of this year's procedure for admission of students to the Lyceum, in particular on the format and timing of entrance tests, will be published later.
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