Rusanivsky Lyceum m. Kyiv announces the recruitment of students for 2020-2021.

  • to 7th grade with in-depth study of mathematics and physics;
  • up to 8 and 9 classes with in-depth study of mathematics and physics (in free places);
  • up to 10 and 11 classes of physical and mathematical profile of education (for empty places);
  • up to 11 class of information and technological profile of training (in empty places).

Registration (set 2020)

(extended until June 6, 2020 inclusive).

More information can be found on the website of rusanivsky lyceum.

Collectors: methods of transfer of dolga

kollektor_01 Collectors: methods of transfer of dolga

Not all zaemshchyky cope with their obyazatelstvo on loan agreements and bank organizations dolzhna reshate wopros about the resurrage of their earthly reds. Kogda they are using their own methods of styling credit overdosing on the vinuzhdeny will be selected by the collectors and in the sudebing bodies. The optimal variation is the collection agency, the kogda will only pay the opredelnoe voznagrazhdenye for resurrected loans. Khotya finansovye companyy can and will prod dolg dannym specialists.

Transfer of zadolzhennosti to collectors. Legality of the procedure

Credit student can pass the dolg to collectors on the rights of arendy and give ego. An agency contract is concluded in the first place, where the agency resurrages the day of the dolzhnik for a fee. In the same way, all the rights of the creditor go to the collectors and ono can submit the claimed to the court, that you will be annoyed by the return of the earthly media, kotorie already belong to the collectors – public my Gotyvychka u2012 business take without otkaza to the card.

Kazhdaya finansovaya company is the right to dispose of its prophecies, kotoriye allowed klienty. That's when you transfer to the collectors beat the legitimate namo to stick to the few important moments:

  1. When concluding a credit soglashenia in a non-dolzheny beat obyazatelno spelled out item on the insolvency of the transfer occupied the second face without soobscheny on the etom debitor.
  2. Esla in the contract is not specified this position, then here we need to be writing soglassie o transfer ego to the collectors.
  3. In 2013, the ego of the credit dolg was sold to the third face.
  4. Eslya transfer of the prosochel without the participation of the zemshchik and on will know on the eto tolko, kogda k nem have already sent specialists from the collection agency with trebovanye return y day, then the takstye deistye bank's organs will be illegal.

Posledstvo transfer dolga to collectors

Grazhdanskoye lawfulness four times regulates the procedure for concluding the contract of cessy between collectors and financier company, where obyazatelnyem word dolno beat the soglassye of the dolzhnik. No, esla ego will not, then eto will not be the essence prepyatstvoyu k finality of this sdelka, so when you get involved, people will give their own razreshenye on the so-called deutschendye credit uchrezhdeny:

  1. The ambassador's contract is all rights and obsoletes of the creditor to the collection agency.
  2. Instead of trebovanyem about the resurrent credit dolga, all personal svedation is transferred to the zaemshchike, kotoriy allowed to solve the problem.
  3. All the inscribed word of credit is prescient and not able to beat the effectiveness of the new lender.

Transfer of the dolga to the collectors. Legality and deeds

It is not unedited to ascension situation, kogda bankovskiye organs are selected from collectors, that's why they helped to return the soaked dolgi. Dannye specialties work with dolzhniki raznymy ways of security, kotoriye beat the threshold and illegal. But, if you're going to come back to the Company, there's more to come. In the etom, the collectors do not step into the roles of creditors, onako represent their interests before the zaemshchyky. The specialists can soverschat sledyuschiye deistvyeya:

  1. Established priests with a dolzhnik putem phone calls, face-to-face and zakaznyh written.
  2. Sosavlenie pretension and presentation e in writing will be issued to the debitor, kotoryy dolzhen bankovskoye organs.
  3. We negotiated the resurrent credit overcoming and the second methods of exaltation on the cheloveka, that's when you rebate e before the financial company.

This work is concluded in the resurrected dolga of the head lender, kotoryy paying a lot of politicized result and later collectors are old from all the forces of "vetryasty" zadolnosti lovely ways, that will attract the weather. It is important for the bank's management that the collection agency will not be poisoned, so the sotrudnichestvo is svyazyvalysya to the contract.

Deity will transfer a dolga to collectors

  1. Esla credit-esquely transferred the engregation of grazhdanin to second people, then on dolzhen predprinoye sledgehamboe shags:
  2. We don't need to clarify how much we're going to do. Sold or sdan in the arena?
  3. They will know the whole object of credit overdosing, I will pay for it.
  4. Apply a call to the main lender and clarify all the parking lot of the dela.
  5. It will be difficult for the collectors of the sraz, that the work will not give a nikka result and the edinstvennyh variant razreschenya dispute will be a little sudebnoe razbytelstvalysya.
  6. It is important for the dolzhnik to die, which is not necessary and they are afraid of the moment, the kogda ona violate the law and it is possible to be accustomed to the otvetstvennosti. Khotya sejchas, collectors try not to violate the law, so the state order began to downplay the bole strict types of order.

Output (2010)

When you transfer a credit dolga for a debitor, you don't get it. On dolzhen will return the zemstvye sreds lovely redstvy, that you will not allow the disassembly in the court. Khotya, eto can beat for the nego edinstvennyh way to be saved from the attack of bank organizations and collectors. Chelovek will take a lot more capacity during this procedure, kogda on can shake the time or soverschiye deity, kotoroe umne dolg. At the same time, you can still find in the transfer credit overcoming your own errical moments.

By the matrix:

Distribution of audiences for the admission olympiad VLSH

V All-Ukrainian Summer School on the basis of UFML
Kyiv National University
after Taras Shevchenko
"Mathematical Olympus"

August 15 (Thursday) – August 28 (Wednesday) 2019

Distribution of audiences for the admission olympiad

Below are the audiences in which children should arrive after the general meeting. Surely you will be accompanied by educators, but it is still better to know where you will be waiting. The first classes will also take place in the same classrooms, just the distribution of students within each parallel will change significantly.

Participants and distribution

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Announcement of autumn All-Ukrainian events

  1. Selection of Ukraine team for international mathematical olympiads
  2. XII All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical battles named after Academician Lyashko

Here we announce two major events of the All-Ukrainian cycle, which will take place in the fall. This is the selection of Ukrainian teams for the International Mathematical Olympiads and the All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical battles named after Academician Lyashko. From the experience of recent years, when these events were connected in time in such a way that immediately after one the second began. On the one hand, it was convenient that you should not spend twice on the road. But on the other – 2 weeks the children lived in dormitories, and not in the family. this year we are doing them separately and will see if it is better.

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Participants of the IMO and Junior groups meeting on February 27 – March 06, 2019

Participants of the meeting

IMO Group

      1. Oles Golyombovskiy (Uzhhorod, grade 11)
      2. Kateryna Peas (Kyiv, grade 11)
      3. Vadim Koval (Kyiv, grade 11)
      4. Lutsenko Konstantin (Kyiv, grade 11)
      5. Naumets Zakhar (Kyiv, Grade 9)
      6. Nechyporuk Karina (Kyiv, grade 11)
      7. Petrusenko Vlada (Kyiv, grade 11)
      8. Protsyk Maksym (Lviv, Grade 11)
      9. Volodymyr Fedyniak (Lviv, Grade 11)
      10. Hasin Marko (Kyiv, Grade 10)
      11. Yudin Fedor (Kyiv, Grade 10)

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Final results of the selection of the Kyiv team for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad

Results of selection

Surely the results of the Internet Olympiad will be taken into account, as we predicted. Therefore, the Kyiv team will consist of 14 students, of which 13 have already been identified. I will write as usual the surnames and names, as well as the schools that these participants represent. Who sees that I am in break the law by the fact that I publish such a volume of personal information, warn about it. We will remove at least the surnames so accurately.

Download selection results

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