Participants of Kyiv City Olympiad in Mathematics

  1. About Kyiv City Olympiad in Mathematics
  2. About the situation…

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1.About Kyiv City Olympiad in Mathematics

At the moment, the situation with the 3rd stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Kyiv, that is, with our city Olympiad, is extremely difficult. And such difficulties are not only in Kiev, but also in some other regions. About this a little later, and now about the main thing.


Please do this to be prepared for any developments, and not to lose this year for yourself due to all these technical issues and adversity.

2.About the situation…

In general, we felt the "love" or even "love" of our some officials from the Olympiads last year. Their last year's happiness came "from above", that is, from the very top, when the Regulations introduced a clause banning the official holding of all Olympiads throughout the country. This person who made this point is not known to me for certain, but I think that this is the person who developed the first edition of the Regulations on olympiads last year and throughout these years does not release threads of editing it out of his hands. If I am mistaken, it is worth specifying specifically who was the ideologue of last year's amendments to ban olympiads.

It was only thanks to the titanic efforts of enthusiasts and fans of olympiads on several subjects that we managed to defeat that Goliath. Of course, they easily "did not see" the holding of the Olympiads of the regional and All-Ukrainian level, but they were no longer able to see the great success of our talents at the International Olympiads. Against the background of this fall, certain amendments were made to the Regulations on olympiads, but again led by the same person who for more than 20 years has not seen the big bies of some existing points. But cosmetic repair of the Regulations took place. In particular, there is a clause on the possibility of holding Olympiads in the current conditions:

Paragraph 1.11. …

During the action of natural and technogenic emergencies, quarantine, the introduction of anti-epidemic measures and other circumstances that objectively make it impossible to conduct them (hereinafter – extraordinary circumstances), All-Ukrainian student olympiads in academic subjects, tournaments, olympiads in special disciplines, All-Ukrainian student competitions in academic disciplines, competitions for the protection of research works and competitions of professional skills can be held remotely. mixed (eye and distance) form. The stages of the competition, which can be held remotely, are determined in accordance with the scale (state, regional, local) spread of extraordinary circumstances in Ukraine

The conditions for conducting the I – III stages of all-Ukrainian student olympiads in a remote form are determined by the organizing committees of the relevant stages of the competition, taking into account the proposals of subject-methodical commissions. The conditions for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian student olympiads, selection and training meetings in remote form are determined by the Ministry of Education and Science

Paragraph 7.2.4.

… The head of the jury heads the subject-methodical commission for the preparation of tasks for Olympiads, tournaments, competitions.

Under any circumstances, to declare the mantra "the world has changed" and apply it all only to cancel olympiads and other creative events offline for our most talented students, looks amazing. The natural perception of the present existence is an attempt from all sides to adapt to this, as it is done in other industries in our country and in the world. Is it possible to imagine football or boxing competitions online now? Everything is carried out in compliance with the proper restrictions, once without spectators, once with a limited number of viewers, with the isolation of those who have a positive test, etc. And as we see our football teams, boxing wives in Ukraine feel the troubles of the state, and therefore gladly continue to advocate for our country. And only in the intellectual part of our society do we see a complete brain drain, because this layer of our citizens does not feel any trouble. The world has changed, everyone is changing, learn to live and work in a new way, and not just cross out certain issues and problems that someone does not like or cause unnecessary trouble.

And in conclusion, fortunately not all officials are the same. At the moment, we are looking for at least some way out of the current situation. But it is worth preparing for various possible developments, even the worst. The fact is that the Olympiad in mathematics, chemistry, labor, law, geography, etc. cannot be held equally. For each subject, you need to look for your own approaches that are the best in the current situations.




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