International online Kvanta

International online Kvanta


posters_for_outreach-8 International online Kvanta  Hi!

As some might know, Kvanta has already launched its fully online international “department”, here is the website: This is a maths and IT club run by Cambridge University students.

There a few courses that will be launched soon which some of you will find interesting:

  1. A course for 10+ years old students with no or almost no olympiad maths experience. So current grade 4-5 students. It is called “Getting started”. It is completely free and be found here
  2. A course for 11+ years old students with no or almost no programming experience. The focus is on developing algorithmic thinking and working in Python Turtle. Its cost is about 185 hryvnia per hour (5 GBP pounds / hour). More detalis:
  3. A special course for 12+ years old students called “Two in one: Maths for IT and discrete maths”. More details:

Lessons take place on Saturdays, and are taught in English. You can apply for the courses above via the website, the deadline is on January 18th, and the number of places is limited. Moreover, there are some other things that some of you will definitely find interesting like “Maths for/in Oxbridge”.

Looking forward to seeing your application!


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