About the Regional Olympiad in Mathematics in Kyiv

About the Regional Olympiad in Mathematics in Kyiv

  1. General considerations
  2. Results of olympiad

005 About the Regional Olympiad in Mathematics in Kyiv

1.General considerations

I have repeatedly spoken about my attitude to this format of any Olympiad, and especially in mathematics. But everyone can tick that it (and soon all of them, that is, of all subjects) has already been carried out. I would be interested to look at boxing competitions, where the winner would be bluntly determined by the force of the blow to the pear, or from football, to determine the winners by the total juggling of the ball on the head of the whole team… and such examples can be edied a lot, but for some reason sports officials do not do so.

Below we present the conditions and solutions of all problems that were not simple enough. To find the correct answers to most tasks in an hour and a half, without ever making a mistake, it is expensive. Maybe we have tremendous potential in the city now. At least, we really hope to see all the winners of the regional Olympiad at the Kyiv City Olympiad, which will be held in full-time mode and where everyone can easily confirm their result at the regional Olympiad.

2.Results of olympiad

Here are the conditions and solutions, and the sorted results by classes. In addition to the fact that this Olympiad was held for the first time in this format, the jury was formed on other principles. It was planned that the jury of the city olympiad would check the work, but in fact it was not involved in this case. But now the question of determining the winners has arisen. Previously, the results were summed up separately in each district, where the winners, despite the joint tasks, could score a different number of points depending on the district. And this is the right approach. Therefore, now the issue of putting up seats in accordance with the current (updated) Regulations on Olympiads in the above or separately by districts is being resolved. If you count everyone together – it's a matter of 5 minutes. If separately, it is necessary to sit and divide the participants by districts. Therefore, this is a question for the organizing committee of the Olympiad, who are now clarifying this issue. But it makes no sense to wait even further with the publication of the results.

Results of phase II_12.12.21

In previous solutions, there were incorrect answers in two tasks. In task 8.4, the answer instead of 40 should be 25, and the task 10.1 instead of 94 answer 80. Now we present the already corrected file.

Solutions 2021-2022-tests-03






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