About the 2rd and 3rd stages of all-Ukrainian Olympiads in Mathematics

About the 2rd and 3rd stages of all-Ukrainian Olympiads in Mathematics

photo_2021-12-13_20-01-58 About the 2rd and 3rd stages of all-Ukrainian Olympiads in Mathematics

  1. New version of the current Regulations
  2. About the 3rd stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad
  3. About All-Ukrainian Olympiads, Olympiads for Junior Classes

  1. New version of the current Regulations

Everyone was waiting for news about the prospects of the THIRD and IV stages of the All-Ukrainian Olympiads, so my goal is to describe a little the situation that I own. Perhaps it does not 100% coincide with the official one, but at the moment no one will be able to describe exactly how it will be. More precisely, everyone may have certain nuances and shades of his vision, as everything will actually become, we will see soon.

All delays with official information about the next stages of the Olympiads are due to the fact that since September the group has been working on a new version of the current Regulations. We could not find out whose "non-genic" idea of the impossibility of holding Olympiads in general in the current situation. But last year it was easy to go to the editorial board of the Regulations and perfectly "helped" us throughout the year. I think that this was the proposal of our physicists, but the exact ends could not be found.

In September, a commission was established, which included several representatives from the jury of Olympiads (mathematics, computer science and chemistry), as well as officials from the Ministry of Education and Science and the Institute of Health, headed by the director of the INSTITUTE. I would like to say right away that the most princely moments, due to which this year's Olympiads would have taken place under absurd rules, could be corrected. In particular, I can say about those that I remember well, maybe this is not all, and probably that this is not all, but for me from the accepted – these are the main ones.

  1. Cancellation of ratings, that is, for mathematics, we would have a situation that from each region to the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad would fall exactly 4 participants (1 from each class). In the Regulations it will be recorded that the ratings are calculated for the last 2 years, when the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad was held by the MoD. That is, the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in 2022 will be held according to the ratings calculated after the completion of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in 2019.
  2. The new ratings of the regions will be calculated according to the formulas, where the points scored by the students of the region will be divided by the rating number of participants from the region, and not by the number of participants who arrived at the Olympiad. That is, if the region has to bring 6 participants to the Olympiad, and bring 3, each of which will win a diploma of the III degree, then its rating for this year will not be 1, but 1/2.
  3. The participant, in order to receive a diploma of any degree, is not obliged to collect at least 1/3 of the total number of points. It is enough that its result corresponds to the percentage (in particular, in the first 50% at the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad) and for the jury to vote on the corresponding distribution of diplomas.
  4. Possibility of olympiads during quarantine restrictions in compliance with the relevant epidemiological norms. In particular, there will be a permissible distance format, but with the provision of integrity principles.
  5. The possibility of holding an Olympiad in several places if the movement of children can be dangerous, or in other similar circumstances.

All these points are very important, but our desire to make this Regulation so that it becomes fundamentally better and in other important moments, turned out to be useless. On all controversial issues, the opinion of Kremensky B.G., who developed the first such Regulation and does not want to "surrender" any position, was taken up. Soon we will again begin to face such moments

It is a pity, because soon we will feel again in practice that we were able to do something better, and it is all as usual. In particular, the example of this year's district Olympiad in Kyiv is confirmation.

Everything I describe next is just our plans, which will only begin to be carried out after the amendments in the Regulations are approved. At the moment, as I know, there are certain points, purely technical. By that point, we're just waiting. I will try to outline the prospects of the third stage below, but we will already plan something about the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad after the 3rd stage.


  1. About the 3rd stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad

We plan to conduct the third stage on principles similar to those by which it has been held all recent years. The Kyiv City Olympiad is scheduled for January 23, 2022 (First round) and January 30, 2022 (2nd round). To conduct the 3rd stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in each region, you can use common texts that, as always, will be developed by the jury of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad (high (I), medium (II) and sufficient (II) levels, or you can write on your own texts. You can hold the Olympiad in 1 round, or you can in 2 rounds (for each of which you can use the same texts). Under such conditions, the 2nd round is recommended (but not necessary) to be held only for the winners of the 1st round. The only restriction that is absolutely clear is that the Olympiads, according to the common texts, should be held on the same day as already determined: the first round – January 23, 2022, the second round – January 30, 2022. If the texts are planned to use their own, then you can choose other, more convenient for the region timing. These terms may differ significantly from these joint ones, as long as it is passed for all interested children in compliance with quarantine restrictions.

The only thing that is desirable to be ready for is the unpredictability of the situation with COVID-19. Therefore, I advise the jury of each regional Olympiad to develop their own alternative (or spare) texts in case the Olympiad unexpectedly has to be postponed.

This Olympiad should be held in full-time format, but in compliance with all quarantine restrictions.


  1. About the SECOND stage of all-Ukrainian Olympiads in Kiev

In general, in the new version of the Regulations on olympiads regarding the second stage, certain nuances will be added that they are subordinated to hromadas. Thus, their conduct is completely in the hands of the local community. If the community prefers to make the Second Stage Olympiad a real holiday for the talented children of its community, then it will do it. But if local officials such an Olympiad is a sheer burden, then the attitude to it will be appropriate. You have seen how the district Olympiad in mathematics in Kyiv was held, and therefore you can draw conclusions whether it should continue to be carried out (or so to conduct it). Tomorrow we will present the conditions and solutions of all the problems of the SECOND stage in Kyiv and the results of this Olympiad, respectively, and a deeper analysis of this event will be already covenant…






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