Preliminary results of the X Kyiv City Olympiad for students of 4-6 grades

Preliminary results of the X Kyiv City Olympiad for students of 4-6 grades

  1. General impressions
  2. Terms and Solutions, Results
  3. About appeal

  1. General impressions

It is very pleasant to conclude the calendar year with such a bright event as the Olympiad for grades 4 – 6. It is very pleasant that despite the difficult conditions, these Olympiads are still taking place. Here we must also thank our youth jury, which, as always at this event, consists of students and high school students, as well as the participants of the event, who on a cool Sunday decided not to stay in a warm apartment near computers and other gadgets, but came to compete with their peers. This is the right way to develop your mathematical abilities. For many participants (and their parents) this was generally the first step, I hope further mathematical life will become interesting and bright. Not every participant today will complete this path with the first places at the All-Ukrainian or International Olympiad, but it will definitely allow choosing the right direction for further choice of university and profession.

We would like to thank the indifferent parents who volunteered and helped during the event, as well as once again to our jury. To the unfortunate moments of today's Olympiad, it should be noted that in some audiences it was too cool. Unfortunately, not all of our audiences, especially in online learning, retain heat. I immediately apologize to all schoolchildren who were accidentally distributed to such audiences. This could have been avoided if everyone who registered the child changed his mind in the end to lead her to the Olympiad from any resonance. As it turned out, in some rather warm audiences, instead of 13-15 planned participants turned out to be 7, 5, and one in general was 2. But we did not dare to create a complete mess with the transfer of children from the audience to the audience. Because even with this division, a bunch of parents did not know where to lead the child. That is, at this point we did not find parental assistance, it mostly applies to those who were not in the west. It is also about collecting charitable contributions that were supposed to go to gifts and diplomas for the winners, as well as to pay the jury. Usually, in the last 3-4 years, when this approach to fundraising is working, we have collected 23-28 thousand hryvnias, which was enough for everything. Less than 10,000 have been collected this year…but it is all the right and goodwill of each of you.


  1. Terms and Solutions, Results

Text-with-solutions 4-6 classes 2021-22-02

Criteria 4,5,6 class 12.12.21

4-6 classes 12.12.21


  1. About appeal

The appeal will take place on this principle. You should carefully read the criteria for assessing tasks and negotiate with the child whether the assessment that was set for the relevant task meets the criteria given to the child. If you think that the assessment is not correct, then you need to fill out an application form. It should specify which tasks you are asking to view again. If you do it formally (without careful clarification of its solutions with the child) – as if you need to review all or almost all the tasks, then we will first look at the first of them, and if it is evaluated correctly, then we will not look at other tasks, because otherwise everyone will write the requirement to revisive all the tasks again.

The appeal form must be filled out by 12:00 on Saturday, February 23, 2021,after which the form will be closed. Upon completion of the review of works from us, we will present the final results of the Olympiad. There will also be a distribution of places and a list of participants who will take part in the second round of this Olympiad.



Form of appeal:

Full name of the participant

Class (4-5-6) (alternative choice)

Task number (1-2-3-4-5) (multiple opportunities selection)


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