Conditions of internet-olimiads

Conditions of internet-olimiads

image-2021-10-26-210912 Conditions of internet-olimiads Conditions

Participant Tips

  1. Carefully read the tasks, solutions to other problems that appeared due to misunderstanding of the condition will not be evaluated. If you are not sure that you have understood the condition correctly, it is better to ask a question.

  2. Questions to the jury about the conditions of tasks write to the

  3. Follow the site. Here you may see corrections to the conditions of tasks and answers to frequently asked questions.

  4. Send not only answers, but also a complete solution, because it is evaluated.

  5. Write down the solution of problems by hand on sheets of paper or in the brush — solutions are accepted only handwritten. Recorded solutions will need to be photographed or scanned.

  6. Write each task separately, because the solution is loaded on the tasks in the registration form.

  7. The solution to each problem must be loaded with a single file. If it takes multiple sheets, photos or scans, you will need to merge them into a single file.

  8. Load problem solvings into the form. Before doing this, carefully read the instructions for filling out the form.


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