XV All-Ukrainian Tournament of Mathematical Battles

XV All-Ukrainian Tournament of Mathematical Battles

If a red zone is declared in Ukraine or Kyiv at the time of the event, the tournament will most likely be canceled, not rescheduled, because it is not clear what dates such an event can be postponed to. But we hope that we will be missed by this sad fate…

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  1. General questions of the XV All-Ukrainian tournament
  2. Program of the tournament by days
  3. Conditions for the XII All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical battles named after Academician Lyashko
  4. Registration for the tournament
  5. Draw of Kyiv tournament

  1. General questions of the XV All-Ukrainian tournament

On the advice of one of the permanent head of the All-Ukrainian tournament this year, we decided to reduce it by 2 days due to the weekend and reduce the number of mathematical from 4 to 3. The rest of the competition remains – zanzibar, oral team olympiad, 3 rounds of fights and oral personal Olympiad.

The tournament is scheduled for October 24-29, 2021. Where and how all events will take place is not yet known. The settlement of participants from the regions will take place exactly in the UFML, but the place of food, the venue of the competition will depend on several factors: the term of holidays in the UFML and the type of training (on-line or offline) in the UFML and KNU them. Shevchenko. Soon all this will become known, but you can no longer postpone registration for the tournament. We have to plan the format of the competition.


  1. Program of the tournament by days

October 24 (Sunday): arrival, opening, mathematical zanzibar.

October 25 (Monday): Oral team olympiad.

October 26 (Tuesday) – October 28 (Thursday): Mathematical fighting No. 1-3.

October 29 (Friday): Oral personal olympiad, closing, departure.


  1. Conditions for the XV All-Ukrainian tournament

The organizer and coordinator of the tournament is Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, with the support of educational institutions in Kyiv. The competition is planned to be held in three age groups: junior league (students not older than 8th grade), middle league (students of 9th grade) and senior league (students of 10-11 grades). Mathematical Zanzibar, team olympiad,3 rounds of mathematical battles and oral personal Olympiad are planned in the program of the tournament.

The tournament is held on the basis of self-financing. Each participant and team leader residing in the dormitory pays an office in the amount of UAH 3,500. For Kiev orgvnesok equals 1000 UAH. This amount will include the cost of living, meals for tournament participants and team leaders, for the organization and conduct of the tournament.

Teams consisting of 6 students in each league will take part in the tournament. From individual schoolchildren who want to participate in the tournament, but their educational institution cannot (do not prefer) to send a full team, teams will be formed to fully participate in the competition. Applications can be submitted by teachers of schools and universities, heads of clubs and electives, parents and other adult relatives of potential participants. The number of teams that can take part in the Tournament is limited only by the capabilities of the UFML – by the number of places in the dormitory, classes and rooms for preparing and conducting competitions, the dining room, etc. Therefore, each application will be considered and an appropriate ruling will be made in relation to it.

To settle in a dormitory of the UFML, you must have a standard medical certificate with you, that you can stay in a dormitory / hotel and take part in the tournament, as well as a valid negative PCR test.

All team leaders or representatives of educational institutions are asked to inform whether your management needs an official invitation to the Tournament from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. If necessary, specify exactly whose name to make such an invitation and specify certain nuances, if any.


  1. Registration for the tournament

Please that the registration is carried out by the adults responsible for the participants. Registration of participants in different leagues and/or different teams even from the same educational institution (and even with one manager) should be carried out separately.

Link to registration:
Registration verification:

will last until 14.00 Monday 18 October 2021

You can deposit funds cashless to the accounts of the Charitable Foundation "Athena" or in cash on the first day of the tournament to the Accountant of the Fund.

Payee: Name ofthe organization: BOAFINABEAU Recipient's code: 36138219Bankname: BRANCH "CALCULATION CENTER" JSC CB "PRIVATBANK"Account in IBAN format: UA353206490000026006052622723

In the purpose of payment, it is mandatory to indicate

"CHARITABLE ASSISTANCE TO MATHEMATICAL OLYMPIADS from a certain participant of the tournament or from the team"


  1. Draw of Kyiv tournament

Tossing a coin in the presence of jury members of the selection for the International Mathematical Olympiads in the Junior League of the Kiev Tournament of Mathematical Battles was won by the team "Leader 8.2" and it will play in the future in the tournament. The Antares team can offer one of the teams playing further to form a national team with them.




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