Selection for international mathematical olympiads, results

Selection for international mathematical olympiads, results

01 October (Saturday) – 05 October (Wednesday) 2021

  1. Results of selection for the IMO
  2. RMM
  3. EGMO
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  1. Results of selection for the IMO

We give the top of the plaque with the final results of the selection for the International Mathematical Olympiads. I do not think that there is a need to publish the full table, since everyone involved is aware of almost all the details. Now a little about the totals.


1Igor PilyayevKharkiv701
2Sviatoslav DeniskovKharkiv562
3Gavrilyuk Anton VadymovychKiev523
4Semyon AndrietsKiev504
5-7Peas Elizaveta YevheniivnaKiev4651
5-7Anton KaminskyKiev466
5-7Heorhiy KovalKharkiv467
8Vadim GasseyevKharkiv398
9Vadym PashkovskyKharkiv349
10-11Ivan BortnovskyKharkiv3310
10-11Maria MikhnovskaKiev33112
12-13Ilya AntipenkoZaporozhye32
12-13Henik Polina SerhiivnaKiev323
14-15Stanylo TrumpetKiev30
14-15Frankevych Yevheniia OleksandrivnaLviv304
16-18Dang Ming KongKharkiv29
16-18Romaniuk Iryna PavlivnaKiev29Alternate
16-18Schweiko DaniilVinnitsa29


  1. RMM

October1– October 16, 2021,online

The first 11 participants are invited to this tournament. The first 4 – free of charge, the remaining 7 – for a deposit of 100 euros. Anyone can opt out, but then they will not be replaced by the following rated participants. But the refusal must be reported the earlier that the organizers have time to take this into account when registering, preparing the audience, etc.


The heads of the Team of Ukraine this year are:

Aleksey Masalitin – leader;

Kodyrov Zarina – Deputy Leader;

Trigub Anton is an observer.


The composition of the team by which the rating of Ukraine will be determined:

Igor Pilatev;

Sviatoslav Deniskov;

Gavrilyuk Anton;

Andriets Semen.


Participants from Ukraine who will take part in the personal standings:

Elizabeth peas;

Anton Kaminsky;

Heorhiy Koval;

Vadim Gasseyev;

Vadim Pashkovsky;

Ivan Bortnovsky;

Mikhnovska Maria.


  1. 3. EGMO

April 6– April 12, 2022, (Eger, Hungary)

The first 4 girls are invited to this Olympiad. Participation in the event is free of charge. If it is impossible to participate in the Olympiad of one of the participants, it will be replaced by a spare one. In any case, 4 participants will always take part from Ukraine. The format of the event is not yet known, we hope that it will be a lively bright competition with the departure of girls to Hungary.


  1. Polina Henik
  2. Elizabeth Peas
  3. Maria Mikhnovska
  4. Frankevych Yevheniia

Romaniuk Iryna (spare)

  1. 4. About other

Expect new messages to appear:

  • about Kyiv Tournament of Mathematical Battles (first round on October 17), namely the draw;
  • about the All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical battles – registration and conditions of conduct;
  • about X City Olympiad for 4 – 6 classes, the period of conduct and registration.




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