Oral team olympiad, clarification of results

Oral team olympiad, clarification of results

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  1. Clarified results of the oral team olympiad
  2. Changes in league results

  1. Clarified results of the oral team olympiad

It so happened that in order not to collect once again in the premises of captains and observers, so as not to expose everyone to unnecessary contacts, we faced the fact that not everyone complied with the rules and principles of the oral team olympiad. Somewhere, our updated young jury was a little underpermed in the sense that each team had several times to say what to do with the form, somewhere the participants themselves and observers listened carelessly to us. Therefore, at the end of the event, it turned out that not all the results of the teams were taken into account. You could, of course, say that it was a violation of the rules or something, but difficult times now for olympiads. Therefore, we appreciate each participant, but we really hope for your further assistance to us.

Here are the final results of the oral team olympiad:

All league results-corrected

  1. Changes in league results

The youngest league (NL): everything remained unchanged here, probably the participants had the greatest experience in our events and all of them and the jury were executed flawlessly. Therefore, the format of the further tournament of mathematical battles does not change.

Junior League (ML): The factorial team scored 20 points, and therefore the situation has changed dramatically and requires a new draw. Factorial, Cactus and Symplex teams should find out their positions in group B of ML, and between the teams "Leader 8.2" and "Antares" must pass the draw, which of them will play in the tournament. Since this is conjugate with participation or not participation, I ask on October 3 at 11:00 to arrive representatives of these teams for this draw.

Middle League (ML): There have been minor changes that have simply rearrangeed the order of the teams, that is, a couple of teams that will play in the first round have changed somewhat.

Major League (ML): There have also been changes in the composition of the participants of the tournament, as well as the final division of teams in groups "A" and "B" requires a draw.

All non-principled draws concerning the division of teams into groups or pairs of teams that will play in the respective round, I propose to hold on the day of the first battle before it starts in the presence of all stakeholders.

We apologize for such inconveniences, you probably will have to collect captains and observers in one audience, which will clarify and coordinate all the points of the competition, the nuances of the rules, etc.




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