Mathematical zanzibar for grades 4 – 6, October 3, 2021 Agenda and distribution of classrooms

Mathematical zanzibar for grades 4 – 6, October 3, 2021 Agenda and distribution of classrooms

I remind you that as always the competition will take place at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics(MMF)and the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics(FC)of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv at the addresses of Academician Glushkov Ave. 4 d and 4 e (Metro Station "Exhibition Center").

I emphasize that we will carry out all our activities in accordance with the

epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the current restrictions in force

in Kyiv and KNU them.Shevchenko


  1. Rules of conduct during zanzibar
  2. Elements of the rules of the game Mathematical Zanzibar
  3. Mathematical Zanzibar Agenda
  4. Distribution of teams by audience

  1. Rules of conduct during zanzibar

Under the terms of each team must contain 2 or 3 participants, replacements of participants are possible in the registered composition, since now such an epidemiological situation in the world of TV. In particular, in Kyiv. Participants should immediately go to the appropriate audience for the place allotted for their team. Adults, if they help, should leave the venue immediately afterwards and wait for the children outside the classrooms where the zanzibar is held.


  1. The person responsible for the team gathers team members on the street in front of the faculty's fronts. When a team is going to only this only adult should bring the team to the appropriate audience. The rest of the adults are asked not to approach the classrooms where Zanzibar will be held.


  1. All participants of the event – adults and children, participants and members of the organizing committee – must be wearing a mask in the room. It is advisable not to shoot it during the competition, but we understand that when discussing solutions, it can go a little. But when communicating with members of the jury and the organizing committee, it is desirable to be masked. Also, when entering the faculties, everyone will pass through the disinfection frame and can/should use a disinfectant for their hands or wash them with soap in the restrooms. Do not forget to use individual means if their parents gave you with you.


  1. Upon completion of the zanzibar, please do all the discussions between yourself and different teams already on the street in the open air, and not in the halls and corridors of the faculties.

We ask all adults to help us on all security issues and we will be able to carry out everything qualitatively, brightly, interestingly and safely!


  1. Elements of the rules of the game Mathematical Zanzibar

It is forbidden to communicate between different commands with each other, as well as the use of any gadgets and other electronic devices from "smartwatches" to ordinary micro-coolers. All disputes must be resolved through students who will be present in each classroom and will help you during the zanzibar. I also ask you not to communicate with anyone when going to the toilets, well, do not forget about masks, disinfectants, etc.

Each team will receive 16 tasks that will be solved within 90 minutes. All teams will receive 2 copies of the conditions, as well as 1 copy to fill in the answers to all tasks. At the end of the competition, it is necessary to hand over the paper to the members of the jury or organizing committee and after that the summary of Zanzibar will be summed up. From the rules of scoring for zanzibar, it is obvious that it is appropriate to enter the answer only on the solved problems, for those that could not be solved, it is not reasonable to guess the answer. In each task, only the correct answer is checked. It should be complete (that is, if there are 5 different answers in the task, and you even specify 4 of them, then the answer is not counted as correct) and normally recorded so that the jury can correctly identify it.

Upon completion of the results of problem solving, all teams are entered in the general score plate, where the corresponding calculation and recalculation of points of each team of the league is carried out.


  1. Mathematical Zanzibar Agenda

9.00 Jury members arrive at the Zanzibar venue

9.45 Teams arrive at the Zanzibar venue

10.00 Start of Zanzibar in all classes

10.15 Meeting of everyone with the organizers of the event (hall of the Faculty of Cybernetics)

11.30 Ending Zanzibar across all classes

  1. Distribution of teams by audience

4 classes

(all teams compete at MMF)

Aud.Educational institutionName/Captain
1.202MVectorVectors 4
2.203MGymnasium No178LizaNastiaMatway
3.204MGymnasium No178Polyika
4.205MGymnasium No33Rombiki
5.206MEuropean CollegiumEC
6.207MNational teamCatheter
8.302MCPL No. 171 LeaderDrach
9.303MCPL No. 171 LeaderLder Dumchev
10.304MCPL No. 171 LeaderCherednichenko
11.305MLogos No. 329Smarts
12.306MRusanivka No 330330
13.307MSchool No 65Misha
14.202MSchool No 65Mathematical
25.306MfigureNumber 3.1
26.307MfigureFigure 3.2
27.202MfigureFigure 3.3
28.203MfigureFigure 3.4
29.204MfigureFigure 3.5
30.205MfigureNumber 4.1
31.206MfigureFigure 4.2
32.207MfigureFigure 4.3
33.208MfigureFigure 4.4
34.302MfigureNumber 4.5
36.304MAtlantic SchoolOlympians
37.305MAtlantic SchoolFormula


5 classes

(all teams compete for FC)


Aud.Educational institutionName/Captain
1.40KVectorVectors 5
2.39KGymnasium No178archimedes
3.43KGymnasium No178plus
4.42KGymnasium No178Galactios
5.40KGymnasium No178UFO
6.39KGymnasium No178Smarts
7.43KGymnasium No178Cheburek
8.42KGymnasium No178Chance
9.40K2010–12 UKRAINIAN CupMaximum
10.39KNational teamQuantum 1
11.43KNational teamBrain
13.39KCPL No. 171 LeaderKucherenko
14.43KCPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 1
15.40KCPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 10
16.39KCPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 2
17.43KCPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 3
18.42KCPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 4
19.40KCPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 5
20.39KCPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 6
21.43KCPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 7
22.42KCPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 8
23.40KCPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 9
24.39KCPL No. 171 LeaderOrlyanka
25.43KHolosiivskyi Lyceum 241Lemongrass
26.42KHolosiivskyi Lyceum 241Intellectuals 1
27.39KHolosiivskyi Lyceum 241Intellectuals 2
28.43KHolosiivskyi Lyceum 241Intellectuals 3
29.40KHolosiivskyi Lyceum 241Intellectuals 4
30.39KHolosiivskyi Lyceum 241Intellectuals 5
31.43KLyceum No208Axiom
32.42KLyceum No208Babitsky
33.40KLyceum No208Vector
34.39KLyceum No208Veles
35.43KLyceum No208Integral
36.42KLyceum No208Lions
37.40KLyceum No208Mathematical
38.39KLyceum No208Indestructible
39.43KLyceum No208Aug.
41.39KScientific ChangeTemper
42.43KScientific ChangeStone
43.40KScientific ChangeCARAMEL
44.39KScientific ChangeDuck
45.43KScientific ChangeLYCEUM
46.42KScientific ChangeDumplings
47.40KScientific ChangeChichai
48.39KScientific ChangeYoung
49.43KPL NTUU KPIBilous
50.42KPL NTUU KPIVerkhovliuk
51.40KPL NTUU KPIPerky
52.39KPL NTUU KPIIvakhnenko
53.43KPL NTUU KPISmart
54.42KPL NTUU KPISmarts
55.39KPL NTUU KPIStarchenko
56.43KUSH No52Savchenko
57.40KUSH No52Dychelev
58.39KUSH No52Dobrovolsky
59.43KUSH No52Naista
60.42KUSH No52Osadchuk
61.40KUSH No52Serdenko
62.39KTL NTUU KPISmart
68.42KfigureNumber 5.1
69.39KfigureNumber 5.2
70.43KfigureNumber 5.4
73.43KSchool 202Star
74.42KSchool 202Meteor
75.40KSchool 202Rocket
76.39KSchool 202Satellite
77.43KSchool 52Alpha
78.42KSchool 52Betta
79.40KSchool 52gamma
80.39KSchool Number 1865B-186
81.43KAtlantic SchoolWinners
82.42KAtlantic SchoolSmarts
83.39KAtlantic SchoolAtlantis
84.43KSymplex School of MathematicsSymplex_5


6 classes

(all teams compete at MMF)

Aud.Educational institutionName/Captain


5.42MBrovary School No6Kiwi
6.41MVectorVectors 6
7.45MGymnasium No17833,33%
8.44MGymnasium No178Boomerang
9.41MGymnasium No178Geometry
10.45MGymnasium No178Friendship
11.42MGymnasium No178Duet
12.41MGymnasium No178Eaglet
13.45MGymnasium A+A+
14.44MEuropean Collegiumtriangle
15.42M2010–12 UKRAINIAN CupWinners
16.41MNational teamMath teeens
17.45MNational teamGugolplex
18.44MNational teamQuantum 2
19.41MNational teamQuantum 3
22.41MCPL No. 171 Leader?
23.45MCPL No. 171 LeaderFAA
24.44MCPL No. 171 LeaderKopacovic
25.42MCPL No. 171 LeaderElk
26.41MCPL No. 171 LeaderNaViSa
27.45MCPL No. 171 LeaderSyrius
28.44MCPL No. 171 LeaderSuper
29.41MSM SymplexSymplex_6.4
30.45MLyceum No208208-6b
31.42MLyceum No208Girles
32.41MLyceum No208Bears
33.45MLyceum No208Funny Mathematics
34.44MLyceum No208Didenko
35.42MLyceum No208Quarter 208
36.41MLyceum No208Cyber
37.45MLyceum No208Coordinate
38.44MLyceum No208Lyceum 208
39.41MLyceum No208MBA
40.45MLyceum No208Hanina
41.42MLyceum No208Teapots
42.41MScientific ChangeHedgehogs
43.45MScientific ChangeAlmost
44.44MScientific ChangeFalcons
45.42MScientific ChangeTrinity
46.41MPL NTUU KPIAnnaev
47.45MPL NTUU KPIMakarenko
48.44MPL NTUU KPIOrnathsky
49.41MPL NTUU KPIChepurnov
50.45MPL NTUU KPIYaroshenko
51.42MRichelieu LyceumRL_forewell
52.41MRichelieu LyceumSpacemat
53.45MSchool Number 52Venus
54.44MSchool Number 52Mars
55.42MSchool Number 52Mercury
56.41MSchool Number 52Neptune
57.45MSsh No52Terminators
58.44MSchool Number 52Uranus
59.41MSchool Number 52Jupiter
60.45MTL NTUU KPIHypotenuse
61.42MTL NTUU KPIKoroid
65.42MfigurePythagore 6.3
67.45MfigureNumber 6.1
68.44MAtlantic SchoolThe Five
69.41MAtlantic SchoolNumeric
70.45MSymplex School of MathematicsSymplex_6.1
71.41MSymplex School of MathematicsSymplex_6.2




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