Oral team olympiad, results. Kyiv and All-Ukrainian tournaments

Oral team olympiad, results. Kyiv and All-Ukrainian tournaments

  1. Results of the oral team olympiad
  2. Kiev Tournament of Mathematical Battles
  3. Prospects of the All-Ukrainian tournament
  4. About other events

  1. Results of the oral team olympiad

Fortunately, the event was held in full thanks to the support of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The Olympiad itself was held in a very calm working atmosphere, for which we must thank our youth jury, as well as observers who coped well with their role. I note that only one team did not have him, this is the team of the Lyceum "Leader" in the NL called "Stepanenko". Surely this team should have been prevented immediately until the observer appeared. But our jury did not dare to expel children directly during the event, but this attitude to the organizers of the competition is disrespectful. If this team is not interested in any parent, and none of them are ready to support their children, why should they be interested in us? If now this team decides on self-dissolution and does not continue to participate in battles it will be quite understandable and natural, we will easily find a replacement among the following teams that did not get into the top eight.

The tasks were very difficult in each league, but this was not very important for such a competition as a team olympiad. The main thing is that the tasks were the same for everyone, and therefore it was important not to show an absolute result, but to show a result better than other teams.

We present the conditions and solutions of tasks in all leagues, as well as the results.


  1. Kiev Tournament of Mathematical Battles

This year, the XVIII Kyiv Tournament of Mathematical Battles will be held for fewer teams. This was influenced by many factors, in particular , fewer teams at the oral team olympiad, certain restrictions on crowding in a closed room, and most importantly , this year's jury opportunities. Therefore, in each league, 8 teams are invited to the tournament, which showed the best results in the team olympiad. In case of equality of points, all issues were resolved by draw.






Therefore, we see such a division of teams in leagues and groups corresponding to the distribution of places. Teams ranked 1-4 will play in Group A, with teams ranked 5-8 in Group B. In the first round, semifinals are played in each group, that is, the following pairs of teams: No. 1 vs. No. 4, and No. 2 vs. No. 3. In the second round, the winners will play for 1-2 places in the group, and those who lose for 3-4 places.

The first fight is scheduled for October 17, the second – on November 28, of course, if external factors do not interfere in this schedule, so please be careful and track possible changes on this site.


  1. Prospects of the All-Ukrainian tournament

There is a preliminary agreement with the UFML on holding the XV All-Ukrainian tournament on autumn holidays from October 23 to October 30. But that was all before the yellow zone was announced across the country. Now, probably, it is necessary to update all these agreements, but this makes sense only if guests from the regions, at least those who visited us every year (except the latter of course) come to us. Therefore, within 4-5 days, we must conduct a survey of all potential participants of the tournament regarding the possible format of participation (number of teams, participants, etc.). This applies to both Kyiv teams and participants not from Kyiv. Upon completion of the survey, we will take further actions – either canceling this year's tournament or organizing it safely with the appropriate obtaining of certain permits. I remind you that the number of participants in the team is 6, the tournament takes place in three leagues: Junior League – ML (not older than 8th grade), Middle League – SL (9th grade), Senior League – SL (grades 10-11).

Thus, everyone is asked to take a survey:

Survey results:

Last year's conditions of the tournament were as follows:

"The tournament is held on the basis of self-financing. Each participant and team leader not from Kyiv must pay an office in the amount of UAH 3,000. For Kiev orgvnesok equals 800 UAH. This amount will include the cost of living, meals for tournament participants and team leaders, for the organization and holding of the tournament.

This year, if something changes, it's not very significant. We are waiting for your answers.


  1. About other events

Recall that the nearest planned events should take place within the period specified earlier for them:

October 1 – October 5, 2021.

Selection of participants in the team of Ukraine for various International Mathematical Olympiads. I ask you to respond to one of the parents, teachers, etc. not from Kyiv in order to remain as an educator. If no one agrees to help us, the event will be held only for Kyivans. We cannot take responsibility for other people's children, especially in conditions where children must comply with certain quarantine restrictions.

October 3, 2021.

Mathematical zanzibar for students of 4-6 grades. Let me remind you that registration for this zanzibar ends on Monday, September 27 at 14:00.


October 17, 2021.

The first round of the XVIII Kiev tournament of mathematical battles named after Lesya Rublev.




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