Oral Team Olympiad, September 26 (Sunday) 2021 Agenda, distribution of audiences, etc…

Oral Team Olympiad, September 26 (Sunday) 2021 Agenda, distribution of audiences, etc…

I remind you that as always the competition will take place at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics(MMF)and the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics(FC)of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv at the addresses of Academician Glushkov Ave. 4 d and 4 e (Metro Station "Exhibition Center").

I emphasize that we will carry out all our activities in accordance with the

epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the current restrictions in force

in Kyiv and KNU them.Shevchenko



photo_2021-09-21_10-23-00 Oral Team Olympiad, September 26 (Sunday) 2021 Agenda, distribution of audiences, etc...


  1. Principles of oral team olympiad
  2. Some rules for this year's UCO
  3. Agenda of the Oral Team Olympiad
  4. Distribution of classrooms for oral team olympiad
  5. Questions at the meeting of the organizing committee
  6. Requests to teachers


1. Principles of oral team olympiad (UCO)

  1. UCO will be held in 2 shifts, from 9:00 to 12:00 the senior (ST) and middle league (SL) teams will compete, from 12:30 to 15:00 – junior (ML) and the youngest league (NL).
  2. The jury will be located in 4 lecture audiences (3rd floor), each of which will accept 2 tasks. In each audience where teams are prepared, we will inform this division.
  3. Participants who approach the audience where the task needs to be taken must comply with the following requirements:

a) If there is a queue of other participants under the audience, then you need to take a queue and wait for you to be invited. It is necessary to stand at a sufficient distance from other participants and not communicate with them in order to maintain security and principles of integrity.

b) If there is no queue, then go inside and find a free jury member who is ready to take on your task. If all the jury members are busy, then you should wait outside the door.

a) When you hand over a task, you must be wearing a mask for your safety and the safety of a jury member. Upon completion of the answer, the jury asks clarifying the question, if your answer requires it. After that, the jury puts its assessment in a piece of paper and you are free. If the task is counted at 7, 6 or 5 points, or this was the third attempt to pass this task, then this result is final. Otherwise, your team still has attempts to pass it later on the same procedure.

  1. I emphasize that the time at which you will hand over the task does not affect its assessment, so you do not need to install yourself, that you did not give up your first tasks instantly, because here you must adhere to the safe rules of the event. For violation of the rules, the team can either be disqualified, or the jury member puts 0 for this task and you are no longer entitled to pass it. Similarly, the team can be punished after the observer reports for violations or integrity (communication by phone, use of gadgets, etc. – in the classroom or corridors), or for violating safety rules during the event.
  2. To ensure safety during the event, in order to avoid unnecessary communication of teams in the faculty premises, all team members go immediately to the designated audience, and observers must go to the designated audience. I ask those responsible for the teams, teachers, participants to explain to our observers who are participating in the event for the first time what kind of audience they need to go to.


2.Some rules for this year's UCO

  1. Each task can be passed for 3 attempts, if the task is credited, then depending on the attempt it will be rated at 7, 6 or 5 points. If you made one to three attempts, but not successful, then a jury member at the end of the event can put up certain positive points for promotion. This can be a result from 1 to 4 points, but the team will know about it only at the end of the event in the final table.
  2. The first 15 and the last 15 minutes cannot be handed over.
  3. If there are 15 minutes left and the task can no longer be completed, then each team can issue 1 task in writing and bring the jury to the appropriate audience immediately after the event. These tasks will be checked by the jury upon completion of UCO.


  1. Agenda of the Oral Team Olympiad

The senior leagues at UKO are Uralsovsky Andrey (SL) and Harin Mykyta (STL) – the first change, Oleksandr Dziunk (NL) and Artemchuk Olena (ML) – the second change. They will manage the jury's distribution by leagues and tasks.

830 Arrival of all SL jury members to audience 41M and SL in audience 39K845 Arrival of SL and SL teams and their observers in the audience specified in the distribution of the audience

900 Start of UCO for SL and SL teams

1200 End of oral team olympiad for all leagues

1215 Arrival of all ML jury members in audience 41M and NL in audience 39K1215 Arrival of ML and NL teams and their observers in the audience

1230 UCO start for ML and NL teams

1500 Completion of the oral team olympiad for all leagues

1500 Meeting with team leaders (aud.


  1. Distribution of classrooms for oral team olympiad

This link shows the audiences in which teams will compete. I ask that during the competition and at the end of the Olympiad there is order in the classrooms – both in terms of honest behavior, and in understanding the preservation of property, garbage collection behind me. It is for the correctness of honesty during the Olympiad and the order in the audience that the observers present in this audience are responsible. But also for their teams in case of certain misunderstandings or adversity will be responsible contacts registered on the site.


The youngest league (FC)

The jury will accept tasks in audiences: 39, 40, 42 and 43

2.302Gymnasium No178Hog208-1
3.308Gymnasium No178Yezhov208-2
4.304National teamFreezerRL7_1
5.312National teamQuantaRL7_2
6.306CPL No. 171 LeaderChufarovDO YOU WANT TO
7.12CPL No. 171 LeaderRoschinaAristocrats
8.312CPL No. 171 LeaderStepanenkoHog
9.305Lyceum No208208-1Yezhov
10.13Lyceum No208208-2Freezer
11.310Rusanivsky LyceumRL7_1Quanta
12.14Rusanivsky LyceumRL7_2Chufarov


Major League Baseball (MMF)

The jury will accept tasks in audiences: 41, 42, 44 and 45

2.203National teamCHPOXOlives
3.204CPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 8.1Tractor building
4.208CPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 8.2Cactus
5.302CPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 8.3Volynets
6.303Scientific ChangeFactorialSymplex
7.304PL NTUU KPIPLCompass
8.305PNL No145AntaresCHPOX
9.306Rusanivsky LyceumOlivesLeader 8.1
10.205Rusanivsky LyceumTractor buildersLeader 8.2
11.206TL NTUU KPICactusLeader 8.3
12.307UFML KNUVolynetsFactorial


Middle League (FC)

The jury will accept tasks in audiences: 39, 40, 42 and 43

3.303CPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 1archimedes
4.9CPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 2Ginger
5.304Lyceum No142AlphaEye
6.10Lyceum No208AnimatronicsMelnyk
7.305Lyceum No208ROYAL FLUSHGreene
8.12Scientific ChangePoppiesSymplex
9.308PL NTUU KPIEggplantbear
10.306PNL No145EilersDzyabura
11.312PNL No145PigLeader 1
12.13PNL No145archimedesLeader 2
13.309Rusanivsky LyceumGingerAlpha
14.310TL NTUU KPIEyeAnimatronics
16.311UFML KNUGreenePoppies


Major League (MMF)

The jury will accept tasks in audiences: 41, 42, 44 and 45

1.202Gymnasium No178Degtyarenkoomykron
2.302PNL No145Sproknovel
3.203National teamPrismaticsPolyekh
5.204BasisRonskayaHigh school students
7.205CPL No. 171 LeaderEpsilonAvdeenko
8.305CPL No. 171 LeaderOmegaRL_9-10
9.206CPL No. 171 LeaderomykronDegtyarenko
10.306PL NTUU KPInovelSprok
11.207PL NTUU KPIPolyekhPrismatics
12.307Scientific ChangeSKILSeals
13.208PNL No145High school studentsRonskaya
14.308UFML KNUUleshovThe
15.209UFML KNUAvdeenkoEpsilon
16.309Rusanivsky LyceumRL_9-10Omega


  1. Questions at the meeting of the organizing committee


  1. Analysis of jury members who have registered for all events.

Total registered: 47

Kyiv 28

other schools: 4

Leader 7

Lyceum 208 1

Scientific Change 4

PNL 145 4

Rusanivsky 3


Vinnytsia: 7

Dnipro: 4

Other cities 7

  1. Summing up the oral team olympiad and forming a tournament of mathematical battles.

Based on the jury – no more than 8 teams in the league.

Approval of the date of the 1st battle on Sunday, October 17, 2021, proposals for the 2nd battle.

Financial issues (1000 UAH for the whole tournament, pass on the 1st fight

  1. Miscellaneous





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