"Mathematical Zanzibar", September 12, 2021 Distribution of places

"Mathematical Zanzibar", September 12, 2021 Distribution of places

  1. The principle of distribution of diplomas
  2. Distribution of diplomas and final results

  1. The principle of distribution of diplomas

Just recall how diplomas are usually distributed in Zanzibar. We have a large number of teams, so traditionally we award 10 diplomas, approximately in the ratio – 1 first diploma, 3 – second diplomas and 6 – third diplomas. There may be some deviations from this distribution, but they are not very principled. This year we also make such a division between Kyiv teams, and all teams from other places will be awarded diplomas depending on which layer this team falls into.


  1. Distribution of diplomas and final results
NLEducational institutionnameAmountDiploma
1.Lyceum No208208-1517and
2.CPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 7-4455Ii
3.Scientific ChangeBrick388Ii
5.National teamNewton377Ii
6.Lyceum No208208-2316Iii
7.Gymnasium No178Hog305Iii
8.CPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 7-1269Iii
9.CPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 7-3230Iii
10.CPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 7-2225Iii
11.TL NTUU KPIDo you want to221Iii


Full NL results


MlEducational institutionnameAmountDiploma
1.Rusanivsky LyceumTractor builders652and
2.PNL No145Antares485Ii
3.Rusanivsky LyceumOlives440Ii
4.TL NTUU KPICactus363Iii
5.Gymnasium No178tesla360Iii
6.National teamCHPOX327Iii
7.Scientific ChangeFactorial293Iii
9.UFML KNUVolynets221Iii
10.Rusanivsky LyceumTYR_1213Iii


Full ML results


SlEducational institutionnameAmountDiploma
1.CPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 1594and
2.Lyceum No208NULL529Ii
4.UFML KNUGreene334Ii
5.TL NTUU KPIEye309Iii
6. Intelligent285Iii
7.CPL No. 171 LeaderLeader 3278Iii
8. TESLA264Iii
9.PNL No145Archimedus249Iii
10.Rusanivsky LyceumRl9_1246Iii
11.Scientific ChangeIngeniouschupakabra244Iii
12.PL NTUU KPIEggplant218Iii


Full results of SL


SLEducational institutionnameAmountDiploma
1.UFML KNUUleshov586and
2.National teamRunning Away501Ii
3.CPL No. 171 LeaderVeta456Ii
4.CPL No. 171 LeaderAlpha445Ii
5.CPL No. 171 LeaderAndriets401Iii
6.UFML KNULysakov386Iii
7.PNL No145Beavers 42307Iii
8.UFML KNUAvdeenko302Iii
9.PNL No145Sprok301Iii
10.National teamOld Russian300Iii


Full results of SL




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