Math zanzibar for students of grades 4-6 Sunday, October 3, 2021

Math zanzibar for students of grades 4-6 Sunday, October 3, 2021

I emphasize that we will carry out all our activities in accordance with the

epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the current restrictions in force

in Kyiv and KNU them.Shevchenko

img_6371 Math zanzibar for students of grades 4-6 Sunday, October 3, 2021


  1. Time and place, conditions
  2. Rules of conduct in Mathematical Zanzibar
  3. Registration for mathematical zanzibar for 4-6 classes
  4. Zanzibar's agenda

  1. Time and place, conditions

Mathematical zanzibar for 4-6 classes, as it became a good tradition, is held on Teacher's Day, that is, this year it will be held on October 3. The competition starts at 10 a.m. in all leagues. I remind you that as always the competition will take place at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics(MMF)and the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics(FC)of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv at the addresses of Academician Glushkov Ave. 4 d and 4 e (Metro Station "Exhibition Center").

As last year, the Mathematical Zanzibar for students in grades 4-6 will pass according to the following rules: each team must have 2 or 3 participants. Invalid participation in the event of teams of 1 participant or more than 3. The number of tasks offered to participants for solving will be 16, the solution time is 1.5 hours (90 minutes). When registering, it is mandatory to assign the composition of each team.

Due to quarantine restrictions, the number of participants in each audience will be significantly reduced compared to previous years, so accordingly the number of our volunteer assistants who will help during the event increases. I would like to thank them for this in a certain way, and therefore we are introducing a non-mandatory organizational contribution for the participating teams. All teams that can afford it and who have good will to do so, transfer 100 UAH per team to the accounts of the Athena Charitable Foundation.

I remind you of the details of the "Athena" Bank:

Payee: Name ofthe organization: BOAFINABEAU Recipient's code: 36138219Bankname: BRANCH "CALCULATION CENTER" JSC CB "PRIVATBANK"Account in IBAN format: UA353206490000026006052622723  

In the purpose of payment, it is mandatory to indicate


From which team the transfer can be made can not be specified, since it is a completely voluntary matter – to help us financially or not. All registered teams will be admitted to the competition on an equal basis, regardless of contributions and the amount collected. If you wish, you can transfer a larger amount, since most accounts are paid from the accounts of the Athena Bank during all mathematical measures. That is, all your funds will go for such purposes.


  1. Rules of conduct in Mathematical Zanzibar

We hope that most of the teams will be formed from classmates who mostly communicate during their studies, which parents gave permission to in Zanzibar. At least every team should have an adult responsible person. Under any circumstances, we ask everyone who feels a little unwell or who is worried about the consequences of participating in the event to stay at home.

The person responsible for the team gathers team members on the street before entering the relevant faculty. After that, that responsible person (or other adult) must have a command in the audience specified in the distribution. The rest of adults should wait for their children and preferably not indoors, but outside.

All participants of the event – adults and children, participants and members of the organizing committee – must wear masks in the room. And also do not forget to use personal protective equipment all the time. Upon completion of the zanzibar, please do all the discussions between yourself and different teams already on the street in the open air, and not in the halls and corridors of the faculties.

During the event, it is strictly forbidden to communicate with other teams, third parties both in the audience and when you go to the toilets. It is also forbidden to use any gadgets and other electronic devices from smartwatches to conventional micro-coolers. Therefore, do not face such punishments, because upon completion the words of the jury members come into contradiction, about violations of the rules, and children's tears – "the phone was just lying on the party…", but this is already a violation. All disputes must be resolved through the jury and organizing committee members who will be present in each audience and help you during the zanzibar.

If the team wants to compete in a separate audience, then we can provide it, but it is advisable to warn about such a need or desire a little on the eve of zanzibar

  1. Registration for mathematical zanzibar for 4 – 6 classes

It is a request that the registration be carried out by the adults responsible for the teams – teachers, parents or heads of clubs. If 1 child arrives from a registered team in Zanzibar, which according to the rules cannot participate in the event, it will be clear to everyone who should justify such annoying things to the child.

Registration for the Olympiad:

Registration verification:

will last until 14.00 Monday 27 September 2021


  1. Zanzibar's agenda

915 Arrival of the members of the organizing committee and the jury of the middle and senior leagues to configure the technique and solve other organizing issues (disinfection, airing, etc.)

930 Arrival of commands of all classes

1000 Start of Zanzibar Grades 4-6

1030 Meeting with parents and teachers of participants

(at the request of either party, it may not be carried out)

1130 End of the competition of the youngest and youngest leagues



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