"Mathematical Zanzibar", September 12, 2021 Agenda, distribution of audiences, etc.

"Mathematical Zanzibar", September 12, 2021 Agenda, distribution of audiences, etc.

I remind you that as always the competition will take place at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics(MMF)and the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics(FC)of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv at the addresses of Academician Glushkov Ave. 4 d and 4 e (Metro Station "Exhibition Center").

I emphasize that we will carry out all our activities in accordance with the
epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the current restrictions in force
in Kyiv and KNU them.Shevchenko


b570f67a-d149-4e9c-b6ad-89e9ed905352 "Mathematical Zanzibar", September 12, 2021 Agenda, distribution of audiences, etc.

  1. Rules of conduct in Mathematical Zanzibar
  2. Basic rules of "Mathematical Zanzibar"
  3. Zanzibar's agenda
  4. Distributing audiences
  5. All-Ukrainian status of this year's Zanzibar
  6. Questions to a meeting of managers

1. Rules of conduct in Mathematical Zanzibar

We hope that most of the teams will be formed from classmates who mostly communicate during their studies, which parents gave permission to in Zanzibar. At least every team should have an adult responsible person. Under any circumstances, we ask everyone who feels a little unwell or who is worried about the consequences of participating in the event to stay at home.

The person responsible for the team gathers team members on the street before entering the relevant faculty. After that, that responsible person (or other adult) must have a command in the audience specified in the distribution. The rest of adults should wait for their children and preferably not indoors, but outside.

All participants of the event – adults and children, participants and members of the organizing committee – must wear masks in the room. It is clear that when discussing solutions, the mask can significantly interfere. But when transferring answers to members of the jury and the organizing committee, it is desirable to be masked. Do not forget to use personal protective equipment all the time.

Upon completion of the zanzibar, please do all the discussions between yourself and different teams already on the street in the open air, and not in the halls and corridors of the faculties. Especially for the participants of the senior and middle leagues, this must be done promptly so that we have time to ventilate the room at least a little and clean the room.

During the event, it is strictly forbidden to communicate with other teams, third parties both in the audience and when you go to the toilets. It is also forbidden to use any gadgets and other electronic devices from smartwatches to conventional micro-coolers. Therefore, do not face such punishments, because upon completion the words of the jury members come into contradiction, about violations of the rules, and children's tears – "the phone was just lying on the party…", but this is already a violation. All disputes must be resolved through the jury and organizing committee members who will be present in each audience and help you during the zanzibar.

If the team wants to compete in a separate audience, then we can provide it, but it is advisable to warn a little on the eve of zanzibar.


2. Basic rules of "Mathematical Zanzibar"

  1. Each team will receive 20 tasks that will be solved within 2 hours (120 minutes). In each task, only the correct answer is checked. It should be complete (that is, if there are 5 different answers in the task, and you even specify 4 of them, then the answer is not counted as correct) and normally recorded so that the jury can correctly identify it. For each task is given exactly 1 attempt to provide the correct answer.
  2. Teams will receive 3 copies of the conditions, as well as 1 copy of the conditions on the cut papers. It is on such papers that the answer to the jury task is presented, on the back of this piece of paper you must specify the name of your team and the answer. After that, the team does not return to the solution of this problem to hand over the paper to the members of the jury or organizing committee.
  3. The results of problem solving by all teams are entered in the general score plate, where the corresponding calculation and recalculation of points of each league team is carried out.

3. Zanzibar's agenda

815 Arrival of the members of the organizing committee and the jury of the middle and senior leagues to configure the technique and solve other organizing issues (disinfection, ventilation, etc.)

830 Arrival of middle and senior league teams

Middle League (9th grade students)

all audiences at FC, audience 39 – basic

Senior League (students of 10-11 grades)

all audiences at MMF, audience 41 – basic

900 Beginning of the Zanzibar Middle and Senior Leagues

1100 End of middle and senior league competition

1115 Arrival of the members of the organizing committee and the jury of the youngest and youngest leagues to configure the technique and solve other organizing issues (disinfection, ventilation, etc.)

1130 Arrivals of the youngest and junior league teams

Junior League (grade 8 students)

all audiences at FC, audience 39 – basic

The youngest league (students not older than 7th grade)

all audiences at MMF, audience 41 – basic

1200 Team Leaders Meeting at the 221st Faculty of Cybernetics

1200 Start of the Zanzibar Junior League

1400 Completing the competition of the youngest and youngest leagues

4. Distributing audiences

The youngest league (up to 7 class)

Start "Zanzibar" at 12:00

(all teams compete at MMF)

Audiences: 41, 42, 44 and 45

35 commands


Aud.Educational institution Name/Captain
2.45Basis2Network (disse)
4.42Gymnasium No1782Hog
5.44Gymnasium No1783Beaus
6.45Gymnasium No1784Diligent
7.41Holosiivskyi Lyceum1Smarts1
8.41European Collegium1Vector
9.45European Collegium2Integral
11.45National team1archimedes
12.44National team2Hedgehogs
13.41National team3Newton
14.45CPL No. 171 Leader1Leader 7-1
15.44CPL No. 171 Leader2Leader 7-2
16.42CPL No. 171 Leader3Leader 7-3
17.45CPL No. 171 Leader4Leader 7-4
18.45CPL No. 171 Leader5Leader 7-5
19.41CPL No. 171 Leader6Pershachka
20.45Lyceum No2081208-1
21.41Lyceum No2082208-2
23.44Scientific Change1Thyrma
24.45Scientific Change2KLNZ-2
25.41Scientific Change3Almost
26.42Scientific Change4Brick
27.45Scientific Change5Number
28.42PL NTUU KPI1Genius
29.44PL NTUU KPI2Smarts
30.44Rusanivsky Lyceum1Sheenki
31.41Rusanivsky Lyceum2Pears
32.45Rusanivsky Lyceum3Mandarin
33.42Rusanivsky Lyceum4Smarts2
34.45Rusanivsky Lyceum5Apple
35.41TL NTUU KPI1Do you want to


Junior League (up to 8th grade)

Beginning Zanzibar at 12:00

(all teams compete for FC)

Audiences: 39, 40, 42 and 43

22 teams

Aud.Educational institution Name/Captain
3.39Gymnasium No1781tesla
4.39Holosiivskyi Lyceum1Witkowski
5.43Holosiivskyi Lyceum2Mohanu
7.39National team1CHPOX
8.39School No1951Klymenko
9.39Scientific Change1Factorial
10.43Scientific Change2Hexagon
11.39PL NTUU KPI1Hexagon
13.43PL NTUU KPI3M111213
14.39PNL No1451Antares
15.O-LRichelieu Lyceum1Rishelevtsi
16.39Rusanivsky Lyceum1Olives
17.43Rusanivsky Lyceum2TYR_1
18.43Rusanivsky Lyceum3Tractor builders
19.43TL NTUU KPI1Cactus
20.39UFML KNU1Volynets
21.43UFML KNU2Protsenko
22.43UFML KNU3Yaletsyuk

Middle league (9 classes)

Beginning Zanzibar at 9:00

(all teams compete for FC)

Audiences: 39, 42 and 43

29 commands

Aud.Educational institution Name/Captain
3.39Gymnasium No1781178-9
4.39Holosiivskyi Lyceum1Caller
5.39European Collegium1EC Hedgehogs
7.39National team1Team
8.43School No1951Kovalchuk
9.39CPL No. 171 Leader1Leader 1
10.40CPL No. 171 Leader2Leader 2
11.43CPL No. 171 Leader3Leader 3
12.39Lyceum No1421Alpha
13.43Lyceum No1422Formula
14.39Lyceum No2081Royal Flush
15.43Lyceum No2082Animatronics
16.43Scientific Change1Ingeniouschupakabra
17.43PL NTUU KPI1Eggplant
18.39PL NTUU KPI2Mathematical
19.40PNL No1451Archimedus
20.43PNL No1452Beavers
21.39PNL No1453Firewood
22.43PNL No1454Eilers
23.39Rusanivsky Lyceum1Rl9_1
24.40Rusanivsky Lyceum2Rl9_2
25.43TL NTUU KPI1Eye
26.40UFML KNU1Greene
27.39UFML KNU2Lyubimchiki
28.43UFML KNU3Melnyk
29.43UFML KNU4Filonenko


Senior League (Grades 10-11)

Start at Zanzibar at 9:00 a.m.

(all teams compete at MMF)

Audiences: 41 and 45

30 commands

Aud.Educational institution Name/Captain
2.45Gymnasium No1781DunzhnMasters
3.42Gymnasium No1782Ribosome
4.41Gymnasium No1783ladybug
5.45Gymnasium No1784Tsugnik
8.42National team1fleeing
9.45National team2Old Russian
10.41National team3Shrimp Kids
11.42CPL No. 171 Leader1Alpha
12.45CPL No. 171 Leader2Andriets
13.41CPL No. 171 Leader3Veta
14.45CPL No. 171 Leader4Winx County, Tex.
15.45CPL No. 171 Leader5gamma
16.41CPL No. 171 Leader6delta
17.41Lyceum No2081Faskhutdinov
18.41PL NTUU KPI1Polyekh
19.45PNL No1451Beavers
20.42PNL No1452Beavers
21.41PNL No1453Sprok
22.O-LPNTL (Vinnytsia)1Andriyash
23.45Rusanivsky Lyceum1Beavers
24.41Rusanivsky Lyceum2Rl10-11
26.41TL NTUU KPI2Kirichenko
27.45UFML KNU1Avdeenko
28.45UFML KNU2Gontarenko
29.42UFML KNU3Uleshov
30.41UFML KNU4Lysakov


5. All-Ukrainian status of this year's Zanzibar

This year, a number of teams from the regions will compete again together with Kyiv teams. They split into two groups. Single teams from the first group are included in the above signs. But they will compete in their cities remotely, that is, under the supervision of a trustee, they will solve problems simultaneously with Kyiv teams and send their answers to our jury. Their results will be taken into account in the general scoresheet, against them in the column the audience is indicated O-L (on-line).

The second group of teams not from Kyiv have many teams in their cities. Therefore, they will compete for joint tasks with Kyiv teams, but among themselves in their tablets. We will find out about their results later, if they share them, as we always do openly and transparently.

If after that there are more teams in the regions of Ukraine, then you need to urgently contact our traditional organizer of all such events Zarina by the following contact: @kodzarina (Telegram)

The main and natural request is to keep papers with the answers of all commands, because experience shows that there are inaccuracies or errors in the answers. Unlike other measures, this is easily corrected even after the completion of zanzibar. If the answer in the task turned out to be different, then the jury simply revises the papers with the answers of the teams on this task and correct the scores.


6. Questions to a meeting of managers

This year's meeting is of utmost importance for other events that we have traditionally held. Therefore, anyone planning to participate in the following activities is asked to attend the meeting and participate in our discussion.

  1. Payment for extra teams in Zanzibar.
  2. Discussion of the term of traditional events in the present realities. Including:
  • date of the 1st battle of the XVII Kyiv Tournament of Mathematical Battles named after Lesya Rublev (as an option on October 17, 2021);
  • the term of the XV All-Ukrainian tournament named after Academician Lyashko (a date has already been set by agreement with the UFML on October 23-30, 2021);
  • whether it is necessary to hold events for students of 4-6 grades a little earlier (for example, in November);
  • date of the regional Olympiad (November 21) and the form of its holding in case of quarantine restrictions.
  1. The fundamental question of the work of the clubs – Polonsky, Juniors and Veterans. Payment, discipline and change of regulations.
  2. About the jury members from the graduates of Kyiv schools this year.
  3. Who cares, I can tell about our struggle for recognition of our Olympiads for these 2 years.





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