"Mathematical Zanzibar" X8th Kyiv Tournament of Mathematical Battles named after Lesya Rubleva Sunday, September 12, 2021

"Mathematical Zanzibar" X8th Kyiv Tournament of Mathematical Battles named after Lesya Rubleva Sunday, September 12, 2021

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Registration lasts until 14:00 on Wednesday
September 8, 2021

  1. Nearest plans for the beginning of the new academic year
  2. Mathematical zanzibar of Kyiv tournament
  3. Mathematical Zanzibar Jury
  4. Registration for mathematical zanzibar

  1. Nearest plans for the beginning of the new academic year


September 12, 2021 Mathematical Zanzibar (CT), teams of 6 participants, 7-11 classesSeptember 26, 2021 Oral Team Olympiad (CT), teams of 8 participants, 7-11 classesOctober01 – Selection of the Ukrainian team for international mathematical

05 October 2021 Olympiad –8-11 classes (in the program – 3 rounds of selection)October 03, 2021 Mathematical zanzibar for students of 4-6 grades, teams of 2-3 participants, 4-6classes 1October1 – Participation of the Ukrainian team in the 13th Romanian Masters of Romanian

18 October 2021 Mathematics, 10–12 participants of 9–11 classes (in the program – 2 rounds of selection)

At the meeting with team leaders and teachers, which will take place during Zanzibar, we will coordinate our further plans for Kyiv and All-Ukrainian tournaments, the work of clubs, etc.






  1. Mathematical zanzibar of Kyiv tournament

We will start olympiad competitions this year with a mathematical zanzibar. It is included in the program of the eighteenth tournament of mathematical battles named after Lesya Rubleva. As in all recent years, the tournament (including mathematical zanzibar) will be held in four leagues: the youngest (NL) – no older than 7 class, junior (ML) – 8 classes, middle (SL) – 9 classes and senior (ST) – 10-11 classes. Permissible, but not desirable, the participation of some students or entire teams in a higher parallel compared to their true learning class. The event will be held at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics(M)and the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics(K)of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv at glushkov Avenue 4d and 4th, respectively.

The exact schedule of the event will be given immediately upon completion of the registration. But in order to avoid the large crowding of children during Zanzibar, it will be carried out in 2018. This will reduce the filling of the audiences in which children will compete.

Two leagues – secondary and senior will compete from 9:00 to 11:00, senior – at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics (M), secondary – at the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics (K).

The other two leagues – the youngest and the youngest – will compete from 12:00 to 14:00, the youngest – at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, the youngest – at the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics.

At 12:00, a meeting with teachers will begin, probably, as always in the aud. 221K.

We have certain restrictions on the number of teams that will be able to participate in Zanzibar on a free basis, and possibly in case of inability to place all registered teams in normal conditions, and in general, although the latter option has never been involved.

From each educational institution on a free basis in Zanzibar can take part:

up to 3 teams in the youngest league,

up to 2 teams in the junior and middle leagues and

up to 4 teams in the senior league

For each additional team above the above quota, which will be allowed to participate, it will be necessary to contribute 250 UAH to the fund of our tournament at the teachers' meeting.

It is undesirable not to arrive at the zanzibar teams for which the organizing committee has participated. It is completely impossible to participate in the event of teams that were not registered at all, or those for whom the decision to refuse was made regarding their participation. Similarly, it is not possible to participate in one team of less than 4 or more students.

I ask that the registration be carried out by adults responsible for this team during the event. They should decide if fewer or more participants arrive, not the organizing committee or jury of the tournament. In particular, we will contact each person personally if this person "neither sleep nor spirit" knew that he is responsible for any team (or several), then the team will be removed from registration.

I also ask teachers to help children get acquainted with the rules of "mathematical zanzibar" in advance so that children do not lose points because of misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the rules. Mathematical zanzibar is a team competition. Each team must have no more than 6 students. Each team receives 20 tasks. The duration of the event in all leagues is 2 hours (120 minutes). The main nuances of Zanzibar are that the team in full solves all tasks in random order. As soon as she believes she has solved the problem and is ready to give the jury an answer, she passes the recorded response to the jury. Then there is the recalculation of points in all teams for this task. Let me remind you that with the correct answer of the next team, everyone who has solved it correctly receives 1 point less, and with the wrong answer – 1 point more. Therefore, unlike other competitions, with your wrong answer, you do not lose your chances to score points on this task, but also increase the achievement of opponents. Do not forget that if there are several correct answers in the task, then only guiding them all is counted.

The use of any electronic means, in the case of even micro-accumulators, is prohibited. I also ask you to be attentive during Zanzibar and not to violate discipline during the event – to discuss tasks too loudly, how to interfere with other teams, to communicate with participants from other teams, to communicate with strangers (parents, teachers) in the corridors, etc.

Replies are usually errors or inaccuracies. Unlike other competitions, they are easy to fix upon completion, because all team responses are stored in the jury. Therefore, the results do not appear immediately, because it is quite difficult to check all the papers. Therefore, the jury for about an hour sums up the final results and even then everyone will see the final results, so do not let the jury, please let it be quiet to complete the competition.


  1. Mathematical Zanzibar Jury

Unlike other events, there is no need for a huge number of jury and even with extensive experience. Here a jury is formed in each parallel. The main audience will have a computer and a projector with all the results, in other audiences there will be jury members who will help purely technically, transfer answers, answer questions, monitor integrity and quarantine restrictions, etc. Therefore, soon there will be appointed seniors in each league, who will choose assistants from the list of registered jury members, so I remind you that it is advisable for everyone to register at the following link:


  1. Registration for mathematical zanzibar

If individual participants want to participate in the event, but they either do not get into teams from their institutions, or their school does not plan to participate in our competitions, then try to organize your team or add to the registered one, if it has less than 6 participants, using this site or by any other means.

Registration will start on this site from the moment it appears and will continue

to 14:00 Wednesday 08 September 2021.

After that, the distribution of the teams admitted to participation in the audiences, the exact start time of the competition and other information will be given.

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Registration check:


Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to the heroes!


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