Registration of jury members for 2021-22 Olympiad year

Registration of jury members for 2021-22 Olympiad year

1. Impressions from the work of the jury last year
2. Jury work plans
3. Registration of jury members

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1.Impressions of the work of the jury last year

According to the results of the 2020-21 academic year – the most difficult olympiad in the history of Olympiads in Ukraine, because it was both a kovidny, and a year of mathematics, and in general, what it just was not – you can sum up such a short result. We held all the events that were planned, as well as held thematic on-line olympiads that were not planned. Just during the strict restrictions it was necessary to give young mathematicians the opportunity to practice. Of course, not everything happened within the specified period and in full volume, but this was already our destiny. Now it is the turn to think about the new academic year, the first question is the jury of our events.

All previous years the jury was based on students of the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics of KNU. Shevchenko, which involved students of other faculties, other universities, or just volunteers – former Olympiads. Of course, there were questions about the quality and productivity of our jury, but these were working moments, because too many new members of the jury are added each year and, accordingly, leaves. A lot of our jury members were not Kyivans and lived in dormitories, which were quite easy and convenient to get to the venue of events.

Last year, the picture changed dramatically from many positions. We conducted all our events (except for some in case of strict restrictions in Kyiv) in compliance with all epidemiological requirements, that is, with maximum safety for participants and the jury. Therefore, we always needed a large number of jury members, but all year round on-line training at the KNU. Shevchenko caused not the arrival of many non-Kiev jury members in Kiev, and therefore made it impossible to join the freshmen in the jury. As always, Kyiv residents are not very active in this matter, although for them all our events were mostly held. Therefore, this academic year we expect the help of both Kyivans and students from dormitories, both new freshmen and current sophomores, and, of course, all our old staff with extensive experience.

Anyone who wants to join our jury team should evaluate their desire, opportunity and speciality to participate. The main thing, obviously, desire, then other issues become fully resolved.

But in addition to the desire, we will ask graduates of our leading mathematical educational institutions to join, this is the same as I appeal to teachers who this year released 11 classes. Remind former Olympiads that we are very much waiting and looking forward to their help during this year. Especially if quarantine restrictions are tightened and many non-Kyiv students will go online studying at home.

2.Jury work plans

Of all our plans so far, only the following can be considered approved:

November 29, 2021 – Mathematical Zanzibar of the Kiev Tournament of Mathematical Battles

November 29, 2021 – Team Olympiad of the Kiev Tournament of Mathematical Battles

October 1-05, 2021 – selection of Ukrainian teams for international mathematical competitions (according to the results of this selection, a team will be formed for RMM–2021)

03 October 2021 – Mathematical zanzibar for students of 4-6 grades

October 11-18, 2021 – RMM–2021 (tours will take place on 12 and 13 October)

From these events, we need small teams in Zanzibar (12.09 and 03.10) because of the specifics of their conduct. But for the team Olympiad (26.09) we already need a fairly large jury, so right now we will conduct a survey as to who is ready to join us, on whom and how much we can count. Regarding the selection check at the IMO (01-05.10) we will advise you on how to conduct the check – live or online.

It is at our first meeting that I invite our teachers to agree and discuss plans and prospects in order to more or less approve certain deadlines for their implementation.

3.Registration of jury members

Each potential jury member should consider at what events he/she wishes to participate and fill in properly all the registration points. Obviously, this choice is not final, in particular, you can look as a third-party observer, how everything happens and the following measures already show a desire to get involved. Or vice versa, take part in the first events, understand that this is "not yours" and give up our jury. But it's more of an exception. Usually, all major jury members participate in most of the planned events.

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