On the eve of the beginning of the VIII All-Ukrainian Summer Mathematical School "Mathematical Olympus"

On the eve of the beginning of the VIII All-Ukrainian Summer Mathematical School "Mathematical Olympus"

August 15 (Sunday) – August 28 (Saturday) 2021

This message provides important information regarding the activities of VLMSH, it may be updated in the sense of adding and clarifying certain data, so please see sometimes updated information, especially if you expect it.

  1. Summer School Organizing Committee
  2. Regulations of LMSH on the first day
  3. Latest data checks, transfer of funds under LMSH
  4. How to get to UFML

69350346_784632478618399_5076144902803292160_n On the eve of the beginning of the VIII All-Ukrainian Summer Mathematical School "Mathematical Olympus"

1.Organizing Committee of summer school

The organizing committee consists of people responsible for different areas of the school's activities.

General questions:

Andriy Aikoushin

Bogdan Rublev

A little later here we will add a representative of the UFML, who will take care of current issues.


Questions of lecturers:

Andrey Gurazovsky

Kodyrov Zarina

Senior lecturers in parallels:

5 class Kodyrov Zarina

6 class Dudko Kateryna

7 class Artemchuk Elena

8 class Urazovsky Artem

8 class (group on-line). Valeria Ryabtseva

9 class Gurazovsky Andrey

10-11 classes Shandenko Mykhailo, Tichkovsky Alexey

Questions of educators:

Svitlana Gopher

A little later, we will add a tutor of each group.

The distribution of food by changes will also be given

Nutritional questions:

Breakfasts and lunches will always be in one shift according to the schedule. For lunches, in which all participants of the summer school will take part, meals will be in 2 shifts:

1 shift – students of 5-8 grades;

2 shift – students of 9-11 grades.

2.Regulations on the work of LMSH on the first day

6:00 – 12:00

Arrival of participants and their trustees to the UFML. Please note that breakfast is not planned by the regulations, because it is difficult to predict the number of participants who actually need it. Therefore, if you arrive significantly earlier than 12:00, you will need to find where you and your child have a little snack.

12:00 – 13:30/14:00

Participants go to the admission Olympiad in accordance with the above-above distribution of groups by audiences. Lists will be listed here on the site and in the hall of the UFML. The Olympiad will last until 13:30 (older ones can be until 14:00). The Olympiad is held by future UFML lecturers, corresponding to the elders in parallels.

Responsible persons go to a meeting with the leadership of the UFML, organizers, sponsors to the assembly hall. Please be masked, because it is a closed room, as well as sit at a certain distance from each other, as far as possible and necessary. Upon completion of this meeting, you will be able to pay the final amount for participation in VLMSH.

13:30/14:00 – 15:00

Participants have lunch and rest before the first class, parents of non-Residents say goodbye to their children until August 28. Lecturers check the work of LSM and redistribute participants into groups. Since further training will be oriented to the Olympiad direction, sometimes the exact distribution between classes may be violated, namely, students on the results of the admission olympiad can be transferred to a class above or below. We have this practice for a long time, although it is not very common.

15:00 – 18:00

The first lesson of VLMSH, acquaintance with educators.

18:00 – 19:00

Dinner is not Kyiv participants and educators VLMSH.

19:00 – 22:00

Free time.

3.Recent data checks, transfer of funds under LMSH

We give a list of participants, it was constantly updated (someone knocked out, someone was added), specified (the size of the T-shirt, residence in the UFML or not). In any case, all data can be corrected on the first day, but it is better to know more or less accurately now. This will help when settling participants, organizing meals, etc. Under any circumstances, talk about the inaccuracies you saw.

Participant List

As for the payment, you can transfer the entire remaining amount in cash, or transfer it cashlessly to one of two accounts – either the Athena Charitable Foundation or a certain individual entrepreneur. Each of these options has its pros and cons. Cash is inconvenient to carry, it is impossible to get cash from the accounts of the BF at all, and in addition to the costs of staying participants in the UFML, we will lose a certain part of the amount for paying taxes.

We remind you of the final amounts to pay.

LMSH participants who are UFML students pay nothing but organizing. By agreement with the management of the UFML, we will not pay for the accommodation and nutrition of these children.

Participants who will participate in VLSH in full-time format and will need accommodation and three meals a day in the UFML must pay for the entire period of VLSH

5000 – 1000 = 4000 UAH.

Participants who will participate in VLSH in full-time format will have breakfast and lunch at the UFML and must pay for the entire period of VLSH

3000 – 1000 = 2000 UAH.

Participants who will take part in the VLSH in a remote format must pay for the entire period of VLSH

2000 – 1000 = 1000 UAH.

We probably will not see the representatives of training on-line at the opening, so for you there is a form of payment of the remaining contribution only to the accounts of the Charitable Service "Athena" in the same way as you transferred the office.

4.How to get to UFML

1) Exit the railway station in the direction of reducing the number of tracks, turn left and go directly to the metro station "Vokzalna"

2) Take the subway and pass the station "Univers', "Teatralna", "Khreshchatyk".

3) At the station "Khreshchatyk" get out of the car and go to the station "Maidan Nezalezhnosti" (blue branch)

4) Get in the car and pass the stations from "Ploshcha Ploshcha Tolstoy" to "Racetrain" (the last station)

5) At the Racetrade, get off the subway, cross the road, and through the wicket along the track you will reach the UFML.

photo_2021-08-10_14-42-32 On the eve of the beginning of the VIII All-Ukrainian Summer Mathematical School "Mathematical Olympus"

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to the heroes!


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