Ukraine team's performance at IMO-2021

Ukraine team's performance at IMO-2021

  1. About IMO on-line
  2. Organizing this year's IMO
  3. IMO In Ukraine
  4. IMO Results
  5. Our partners and philanthropists

1 Ukraine team's performance at IMO-2021

1.About IMO on-line

It is clear that the pandemic has changed the lives of all industries in each country. But in our country, intellectual competitions have suffered the most. Even in the days before, we constantly faced certain problems with the organization of Olympiads, the desire to save as much as possible when conducting them. Therefore, it is quite expected that Ukraine became the only country in the world where all-Ukrainian Olympiads of all levels were banned. It is good that mathematicians managed to solve this issue and hold all the desired Olympiads with the help of local universities under the auspices of the Union of Rectors of Ukraine.

But probably the only positive consequence from the kovid is the opportunity for our team of young mathematicians of Ukraine not to go to the host country of the last two International Olympiads, but on an equal basis with all other countries of the world to participate in the event on-line. Even before the quarantine began, we understood how difficult it is for participants, parents, organizers to dare to take our team to St. Petersburg, some of the potential IMO participants from Ukraine immediately said about the refusal to participate live.

We hope that this will soon cease and the world will learn to live a full life safely in the present conditions. For two years, children in the world have been deprived of the happiness of communicating with peers from other countries, not only the IMO was held online, but also a number of interesting events, in particular, our girls missed two bright EGMO planned in the Netherlands and Georgia.

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2.Organization of this year's IMO

In general, this Olympiad was very, very good compared to last year. It seemed that all the cones were stuffed on the previous IMO. Therefore, this year's event was held with minimal difficulties in the sense of organizational issues. And some developments will be implemented in the future during the next IMO live.

All the shortcomings of this year are simply related to the online format of the Olympiad – the lack of live communication, gifts and souvenirs from the organizers, which have always been plentiful, etc.

Last year, there was a terrible selection of tasks, as this was the first time that non-leaders and the local committee were engaged in this. Even this year they managed to do much better than last year, although I am sure that the leaders would have coped with this task better. In particular, we did not find any problem in the text on the theory of numbers, so there was also inequalities that are not popular in the world except for individual countries. Well, we can be proud that the most difficult task of this year's Olympiad belongs to the Ukrainian composer of tasks – the graduate of 2020 Kyiv-Pechersk Lyceum "Leader" Mykhailo Shtandenka. We sincerely congratulate him on this, his name together with the winners of this year's IMO will forever go down in history. I wanted to note from myself about this problem that it was the only problem that no participant from Ukraine solved… Unfortunately, we could all be impressed with six ratings of "7 points", surely we have not worked here a little…

4-300x225 Ukraine team's performance at IMO-2021

3.IMO Organization in Ukraine

The organizers of the Olympiad in Ukraine were, as always, representatives of the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv – Kodyrov Zarina (deputy team leader and the main organizer of all stages of the IMO in Kyiv), Dudko Kateryna (staff), Lyashkevych Andriy (Staff), Andrey Nikolaev (staff), Aikoushin Andrey (observer "B"), Trigub Anton (observer "A") and Nikolai Each of this wonderful Ukrainian team coped with its task flawlessly.

We also thank the leadership of the IPO for the settlement and nutrition of non-Kyiv participants, as well as to the leadership of the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics for the use of the read, which turned out to be a very convenient place for IMO for the second year in a row.

3-225x300 Ukraine team's performance at IMO-2021

  1. IMO Results

The 62nd International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) was held on-line from July 14 to July 24, 2021. The Ukraine team once again became the best in Europe and took the 6th place among 107 teams in the world. We give a plaque of the first 25 teams of this Olympiad from the official website of the IMO:

People's Republic of China42162442424220816000
Russian Federation40172142352818325100
Republic of Korea4091042353617235100
United States of America4021742352916544200
United Kingdom422335351413192301
Czech Republic397132357121161310
Hong Kong393835280113211310

In the personal standings, our participants won 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals. Compared to last year's 6 silver awards, the result is much better. Well, the absolute 3rd place of Naumets Zakhar is just a cosmic achievement! We present the results of our participants.


Zakhar Naumets771777363Gold medal
Andriy Kovrihin7107752741Gold medal
Igor Pilyayev7417712741Gold medal
Sviatoslav Deniskov7017702263Silver Medal
Klimentiy Zolotariov7017702263Silver Medal
Nikita Harin70070115180Bronze medal

5-225x300 Ukraine team's performance at IMO-2021

5.Our partners and benefactors

We express our deep gratitude to all those who believed in us and in our team, who cheered and helped – the families of our participants, teachers and coaches. And also to all those involved in this year's Olympiads in our country – from rectors of leading universities to students, thanks to which this event took place! We thank our philanthropists and sponsors – a number of IT companies (AI House, LUN, Luxoft, EPAM, Global Lodge and some others), MHP, the Ukrainian Alumni Fund, the Diaspora of Ukraine in California and New York, UKRSIBBANK, individual indifferent citizens and companies in Ukraine and around the world. And in general, everyone who is always with us, who is always there!!!




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