A little bit about everything on the eve of the IMO

A little bit about everything on the eve of the IMO

  1. About IMO
  2. About the Iranian Olympiad in Combinatorics
  3. About VMLSH "Mathematical Olympus"

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1.About IMO

Today is the opening day of the 62nd IMO, for the second time in a row it takes place on-line, taking into account the fact that otherwise it would have been held in Russia, we are satisfied with it for all 100%, god forbid that after these two years this practice will cease. It is clear that during the week all our news will be devoted to events at the IMO, now it is short about everything else.

We wish our participants to perform as best we can, it is a pity that we have not learned to use the advantages of online olympiads to improve the results of our participants, but this is it. All results of our participants will be personally theirs.

2.About the Iranian Olympiad in Combinatorics

Iranian Olympiads in geometry and combinatorics are olympiads of a very high international level, so good results can count on them Ukrainian young mathematicians who are prize-winners of the IV stage of all-Ukrainian Olympiads or close to them. Based on organizational and other problems regarding participation in this Olympiad, it is not just an Olympiad to take part in. No one prevents the completion of the most proposed tasks for themselves, so to speak, outside the competition.

I will add to such questions as to collect all the participants in one place, the design of works in English, which is several orders of interest more difficult compared to geometry, where much can be written purely mathematical symbols. Well, the main reason is the awkward time of the Olympiad, which is why there were few winners of the IV stage among the declared participants.

In our address to the organizers, we wrote that we would be happy to participate next year if there was a more convenient period.

3.About VMLSH "Mathematical Olympus"

I ask all those involved in this case to closely follow the reports of our summer school.

For parents and participants – the following points have already been spelled out in the previous reports:

  • Agenda of the entire VLMSH;
  • Agenda of the first day, i.e. August 15;
  • Convenient form of transfer of the remaining funds;
  • Well, much more…

In case of misunderstandings – contact directly, but please do not ask what has long been published on the site, and you just have to look for linen. I got such questions above the roof and tired of them. You need to check whether your stay in VLMSH (accommodation and three meals a day or only lunches) and the size of the child's T-shirt are correctly taken into account.

We will write about all the news regarding VLML "Mathematical Olympus" in new messages.

For lecturers: by August 1, all lectures should be prepared and an approximate schedule of lecturers by days is drawn up by August 15. I note that on August 15, we gather all for acquaintance, discussion of issues and for checking the admission olympiad.

For educators: request on August 15 to arrive in a timely manner and immediately begin to manage your group to prevent unnecessary crowding of children. I emphasize not to communicate children with each other, but to excessive crowding.





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