Invitation to the Iranian Olympiad in Combinatorics

Invitation to the Iranian Olympiad in Combinatorics

  1. Regulations of the Iranian Olympiad in Combinatorics
  2. Ukrainian variant of participation
  3. Registration of participants

1. Invitation and regulations of the Iranian Olympiad in Combinatorics

We give an official invitation (compendium) and regulations of this Olympiad (highlights).

«Dear colleagues,

After the successful and enjoying experience of Iranian Geometry Olympiad (IGO), and due to the extension of COVID-19 situation, last year we (my colleagues expert in combinatorics and me) started a new competition "Iranian Combinatorics Olympiad" (ICO), which was held online with participation of almost 700 Iranian students. The competition was super-challenging and joyful for the participants. I talked a bit with some of you about it, and now I would like to invite your country for the second version, which will be held on July 30th, right after IMO (if IMO is not postponed).

The committee, and the organization, and the format for this competition is completely different from IGO, namely:

1) It is a group competition and useful for a vast range of students from elementary (grade 9) to high-level IMO and IOI students (grade 10/11/12).

2) We have online coordinators for proof based problems which makes the competition very attractive.

3) Everybody is home during the whole competition! The organizers, the students (group members), the coordinators, the PSC, etc.

4) It has nice problems of high quality (Attached you can find the problems for ICO2020).

5) We plan to make this competition more contributive. We count on help from other countries, in order to make this competition of best quality and enjoyable for comb-lovers. We already have expert members from other countries in our PSC.

Please consider the following: If your country is interested in participation, please confirm not later than 20th July. The regulations are attached, more details will be sent in reply to your confirmation.»

2-nd Iranian Combinatorics Olympiad (ICO)


Iranian Combinatorics Olympiad (ICO), 2021



1.1. The 2021 Iranian Combinatorics Olympiad (ICO) is to be held on 30th July for participating countries.

1.2. The contest should be kept confidential until the ICO Committee posts them on the ICO website. Additionally, each exam paper must contain a written legend, warning the students not to discuss the problems over the internet until that date.

1.3. ICO is a team competition, so the contestants should register in groups of (at most) three students each. The ICO contest has 3 levels:

  • Elementary for teams consisting of students of grades 9,
  • Advanced for teams consisting of students of grades 10-11,
  • Free level with no age and grade limit.

(By students of each grade, we mean those who have started that grade.)

The competition for Elementary level consists of 15 short-answer problems, for Advanced and Free level, the competition consists of one (usually) 300-minute paper with seven problems of varying difficulty.



2.1. All countries are eligible to participate in the ICO2021.

2.2. Contestants (except in the free level) should not be formally enrolled at a university (or equivalent post-secondary institution) and they must be younger than 20 years old on the day of the contest.

2.3. Each participating country is responsible for:

  • Organizing the ICO contest for their countries (no more than 24 hours after starting the competition in Iran, other than cases allowed by the ICO Committee).
  • Grading the contestant’s papers according to the official grading scheme (having online scoreboard during the competition is optional, as it makes the competition more adventurous in Iran by have its own difficulties).
  • Introducing the list of top 5 groups in each level.
  • Sending the grades (and if necessary, the scans of the papers) of the team members to the ICO Committee.
  • (Optional) sending the grades of all groups to the ICO Committee.

2.4. All ICO contestants will receive a Certificate of Award or Representation.

2.Ukrainian variant of participation

For those wishing to participate in Ukraine, we emphasize such nuances. We will declare the registration of everyone who wants to take part in the Iranian Olympiad in Combinatorics. The following students can take part (the specified study class in the 2021-22 academic year):

  • students of 7 – 8 classes – Elementary;
  • students of 9 – 10 classes – Advanced;
  • 11th grade students – Free level;

This is done completely in accordance with the similar Iranian Olympiad in Geometry.

Therefore, in the registration you must specify the class, as well as those participants with whom you would like to form a team of 3 (no more than 3) participants, if you have decided on such. If not, register yourself personally. And then, according to the results, we will be able to form teams of single participants.

The Olympiad from the team must be written in English, which is much more difficult to do than the corresponding Olympiad in geometry, but if necessary, we will have dictionaries, as well as the help of those who are fluent in English.

3.Registration of participants

The main drawback of this Olympiad is obvious – a very unsuccessful period for its conduct. Summer is a time of vacation, respite, etc., and therefore we understand that not everyone will like it all. Similarly, the organizers of this Olympiad – it will not be necessary to do it for a small number of people. Therefore, we ask you to respond to those wishing to participate in this Olympiad no later than 21:00 on July 15, 2021. We will analyze the number of people willing and by July 20 we will have time to answer to the organizers whether the Ukrainian team will participate in the Iranian Olympiad in Combinatorics. Of course, if desired, you can raise the level of participation in the event, that is, for example, 9th grade students can choose text in the Free level.

Points of

registration Registration

If this year is not enough, we will write about our desire to participate next year, if it is planned for a more convenient time.





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