About International Olympiads on-line

About International Olympiads on-line

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Probably a little delayed "quiet life" on our website and wanted to just share their impressions so that what…, about football – is not worth it yet, because Ukraine lost, but there are still chances to enter the next circle, but now they are not in our hands. Therefore, with football we will just wait and hope for a better schedule…

The reason was the results of the 1st European Olympiad in Informatics among girls. I immediately give a link to these results:

as soon as I looked at them, the results of the last X EGMO were immediately mentioned:

as they say – find 4 "differences", or rather the top 4 results in both tables (the alphabet should be neglected).

Everything further is only the fruit of my sick imagination, but as the classic "I do not ver!", the experience of all previous years, all previous eye Olympiads has never testified to the possibility of such results. Even our "twice gold" team, which included Natalia Khotyaintseva (2 EGMO gold, gold and IMO silver), Anastasia Alyokhina (2 gold, 1 EGMO silver, IMO silver), Sofia Dubova (2 EGMO gold, silver and IMO bronze) did not have the same results.

answers to examination questions

The experience of conducting olympiads on-line in Ukraine was also exposed to the case of the same work, and in the case of questioning as possible, we were exposed to a trivial answer: "They think the same way!" Even if the Olympiad is held again online to get the same absolute results. In mathematics, in general, the work was checked by representatives of their countries…, there was no control over the participants of the special …

You can disagree with me, you can deny all my thoughts and conclusions, I do not mind. But somehow the world is informed about the undeniable advantage and all this on the eve of the International Mathematical Olympiad, which will happen online…

In general, all this reminds me of an old anecdote:

Petka went to England to study, a year before him comes Vasily Ivanovich and sees that in that adregation villa, a bunch of servants, money chickens do not peck. Vasyl Ivanych asks: "How did you manage?" Petka says: "But everything is simple, I sat down to play point with the locals. Rosales cards, I say – I have 18, an Englishman in response, and I have 19. I say – well, show me. And the one in response, well, what are you, we are gentlemen! HERE'S MY MAP AND !!!"

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to the heroes!


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