Participants and lecturers of the VIII All-Ukrainian Summer School "Mathematical Olympus"

Participants and lecturers of the VIII All-Ukrainian Summer School "Mathematical Olympus"

August 15 (Sunday) – August 28 (Saturday) 2021

  1. Participants of VLMSH "Mathematical Olympus"
  2. Lecturers of VLMSH "Mathematical Olympus"

2-2-300x225 Participants and lecturers of the VIII All-Ukrainian Summer School "Mathematical Olympus"

1.Participants of VLMSH "Mathematical Olympus"

Now many parents have a question – and whether they took their child to this year's summer school. I probably didn't put up the accents very accurately as things were going. All those who were registered earlier are a potential participant of the Mathematical Olympus VLMSH. Finally, parents must confirm this by transferring the charitable contribution to the accounts of the Athena Charitable Foundation. This must be done by June 25. After that, we will list all enrolled participants of VLMSH. If you have contributed but did not see your child, then you just need to let us know about this incident. Since you have a transfer, it is enough just to throw us a scan and we will fix everything. Due to the large number of such transfers, such inaccuracies sometimes occur. All the others who registered probably changed their minds to participate in the summer school and this is normal. We remind you exactly how to make a transfer – paragraph 4About organizing pages

Results of registration in VII All-Ukrainian summer school "Mathematical Olympus"

If the final lists are smaller than the planned number of participants, then we will simply wait for those who are late for registration and immediately after making charitable assistance we will add this child to the participants. At the same time, if in a certain parallel the number of participants becomes appropriate, then the reception of additional participants will be stopped. Here are lists of all registered members so that you do not have to search for them on the pages of the site.

Registration procedure:

We also remind you what parallels the registration is still valid for.

5, 6 classes, leave the registration open. We plan to type one group in each of these parallels.

Link to registration grade 5:

Registration procedure 5 class:

Link to registration 6 class:

Registration procedure 6 class:

Grades 7-9, leave the registration open. We plan to type two groups in each of these parallels. There are few places left in grades 8 and 9, but this may change, because it is time to make an office statement, which becomes the main factor in the seriousness of your intentions to participate in VLMSH. Upon completion of the term, it is possible to renew registration if many refuse to participate.

Link to registration 7 class:

Registration procedure 7 class:

Link to registration 8 class:

Registration procedure 8 class:

Link to registration grade 9:

Registration procedure 9 class:

Grades 10-11, registration stops. Here, registration can also resume after organizing, if many refuse. Let me remind you that in these classes, groups are shared without division into 10 or 11 classes.

2.Lecturers VLMSH "Mathematical Olympus"

The situation with lecturers changes a little, because new comers are added. We try not to deny this to anyone if we have the right offer, especially for lecturers who will not participate for the first time.

5 class (1 group). Kodyrov Zarina, Kocherha Nick, Gurinenko Karina.

6 class (1 group). Kateryna Dudko, Natalia Zakharchuk.

7 class (2 groups). Artemchuk Olena, Maria Depenchuk, Maria Volkova, Fursa Angelika, Piddubnya Maria

8 class (2 groups). Artem Urazovsky,Mykhailo Tadlya, Dmytro Dmytrenko, Anastasia Lukyanova.

8 class (1 group on-line). Ryabtseva Valeria.

9 class (2 groups). Andrey Urazovsky,Andrey Grebenshchikova Daria, Khomenko Tatyana.

Grades 10-11 (3 groups). Mykhailo Shandenko, Oleksiy Tichkovsky, Valeriy Kotelnikova, Chorny Vladyslav, Baklan Alice, Vitkina Anna, Oleksandr Dziyunk, Prykhodko Olga.

In bold, seniors in classes who prepare lectures and will distribute lecturers and topics by day are highlighted. If lecturers have a desire to help seniors in parallels on any issues, especially regarding the preparation of lectures, then contact the organizers or directly to the senior classes.


Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to the heroes!


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