Lecturers of the VIII All-Ukrainian Summer School "Mathematical Olympus" and awarding of 3D participants in the regions

Lecturers of the VIII All-Ukrainian Summer School "Mathematical Olympus" and awarding of 3D participants in the regions

August 15 (Sunday) – August 28 (Saturday) 2021

  1. Awarding of 4-2021 participants
  2. Preliminary distribution of VLMSH lecturers "Mathematical Olympus"

2-1-300x169 Lecturers of the VIII All-Ukrainian Summer School "Mathematical Olympus" and awarding of 3D participants in the regions

1. Awarding of 4-2021 participants

I will not tell you how much effort it cost to organize and hold this year's Olympiads in mathematics in order to bring the process to the participation of our best representatives in the International Mathematical Olympiad. Who understands all this, have long thanked the organizers, someone on the contrary spread everywhere that they did it all without any help from the outside, but that's it.

It was a request to put up photos of the awarding of the winners and participants of this event and to show prizes from our sponsors in those photos. This I would like to show my respect to those institutions that understand that in addition to diplomas, children at this age are very pleased to receive gifts and prizes (this is what I remember when, back in 1978, I received a calculator for the prize, as it was cool). To do this, you need not only to show the bags, but also to get gadgets from the diaspora of Ukraine in California. We really need this for the report, and so that they can show on their social media pages what our talents were going to help. It is also very nice to see when additional prizes from local sponsors for participants of their region are found in the regions.

Photos of awarding should be downloaded at the following link:

If in your region these awards are still ahead, then do not forget to do it, if the award has already taken place (usually in many areas it was done closer to the last bell), then please upload photos of this event.

2. Preliminary distribution of lecturers VLMSH "Mathematical Olympus"

In the previous post about the VII All-Ukrainian Summer School "Mathematical Olympus", we talked about the situation with the participants and those parallels where you can still find out about participation. We expect confirmation of intentions in the form of an office by June 25, 2021:

Results of registration in VII All-Ukrainian summer school "Mathematical Olympus"

Now about the situation with lecturers. We conducted a preliminary distribution of lecturers in parallels, taking into account the wishes of lecturers in accordance with the survey. One hundred percent all take into account, of course, that failed, but we tried. Now and here changes and clarifications are possible, the time for which is still there.

5 class (1 group). Kocherha Nick ,Gurinenko Karina.

6 class (1 group). Kateryna Dudko, Natalia Zakharchuk.

7 class (2 groups). Artemchuk Olena, Maria Depenchuk, Maria Volkova, Fursa Angelika, Piddubnya Maria

8 class (2 groups). Artem Urazovsky,Mykhailo Tadlya, Dmytro Dmytrenko, Anastasia Lukyanova.

9 class (2 groups). Andrey Urazovsky,Andrey Grebenshchikova Daria, Khomenko Tatyana.

Grades 10-11 (3 groups). Mykhailo Shtiandenko, Oleksiy Tichkovsky, Valeriy Kotelnikova, Chorny Wladysław, Baklan Alice, Vitkina Anna, Dzyuniak Oleksandar.

In bold, seniors in classes who prepare lectures and will distribute lecturers and topics by day are highlighted. If the lecturers from this list have certain changes in plans, wishes, etc., I ask you to warn us about it immediately.

All other lecturers from those who have signed up so far fall into the "reserve", but it is not known for sure that we will ask you to conduct certain classes, but so far in which classes it is unknown.

About the group of 8 class in online format, then Ryabtseva Valeria will be the lecturer there. Other lecturers will either be from those who are ready to lead both on-year and on-line, or by August there will still be those who want to teach in this group.

Igor Popodin

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to the heroes!


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