Results of registration in VII All-Ukrainian summer school "Mathematical Olympus"

Results of registration in VII All-Ukrainian summer school "Mathematical Olympus"

August 15 (Sunday) – August 28 (Saturday) 2021

  1. Total Numbers
  2. About groups on-line
  3. About other groups
  4. About organizing pages

2-300x169 Results of registration in VII All-Ukrainian summer school "Mathematical Olympus"

1. Total Numbers

As of 21:00 on May 31, 2021, we have the following number of registered participants, that is, those who have previously expressed a desire to participate in the VII All-Ukrainian Summer School on the basis of the UFML of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv "Mathematical Olympus".


classEye, if not, then on-lineOnly eye-to-eyeOn-line only

In the future, we will slightly analyze the situation on most components, after which the registration will be renewed/extended for some categories of participants.

2. About groups on-line

Everything is simple here. The group will be formed only for students of the 8th grade. Therefore, we leave the registration open for this parallel in order to get no more than 3-5 participants. As soon as such appear, registration in this category will be closed. In other parallels, we will not be indentive to those who can/want to engage only on-line. Groups will not work. We have your contacts, so if the LSH moves from quarantine restrictions to online format, we will be happy to inform you about it. As you can see, then the groups will be in each class. But we want the school to take place live, because children have missed communication with their peers for a year, traveling around Ukraine, etc.

3. About other groups

As indicated in the last sentence of the previous paragraph, we are configured in the full-time format of VLMSH "Mathematical Olympus". Therefore, for us in the table of positions full-time / on-line and only full-time – equivalent. If anything else happens, it will be very unfortunate…

We must continue to register in some parallels so that the planned groups are about 15-17 students. There may also be refusals of some participants, diseases, other considerations, so it is advisable to have groups with a small margin. But this registration will not be up to a certain period, but as soon as the specified number is recruited. After that, the registration will be closed so as not to offend the refusals of those who seem to have registered.

5, 6 classes, leave the registration open. We plan to type one group in each of these parallels.

Link to registration grade 5:

Registration procedure 5 class:

Link to registration 6 class:

Registration procedure 6 class:

Grades 7-9, leave the registration open. We plan to type two groups in each of these parallels. There are few places left in grades 8 and 9, but this may change, because it is time to make an office statement, which becomes the main factor in the seriousness of your intentions to participate in VLMSH. Upon completion of the term, it is possible to renew registration if many refuse to participate.

Link to registration 7 class:

Registration procedure 7 class:

Link to registration 8 class:

Registration procedure 8 class:

Link to registration grade 9:

Registration procedure 9 class:

Grades 10-11, registration stops. Here, registration can also resume after organizing, if many refuse. Let me remind you that in these classes, groups are shared without division into 10 or 11 classes.


4. About organizing pages

Here I ask you to be very attentive, because every year you have to return a number of payments to us, and you have to make transfers on a new one.

Participants of 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th grades who planned to participate in VLMSH only in online format, unfortunately, need to look for another variant of summer mathematical classes, and not our VLMSH "Mathematical Olympus".

From June 1 to June 25, 2021, all other registered participants must transfer UAH 1,000 to the following details:

Payee: Name ofthe organization: BOAFINABO Recipient's code: 36138219Bankname: BRANCH "CALCULATION.CENTER" JSC CB "PRIVATBANK"Account in IBAN format: UA353206490000026006052622723Currency: UAH

In the purpose of payment, please specify the following text:

Charitable assistance to mathematical olympiads from the participant of VLMSH "surname and name".

At the end of this period, in late June or early July, lists of VLMSH participants will be presented, as well as proposals for some categories to join these participants, if there are free seats in some parallels at that time.


Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to the heroes!


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