Registration in the mathematical camp "Kvanta" is in progress

Registration in the mathematical camp "Kvanta" is in progress

montazhnaya-oblast-1 Registration in the mathematical camp "Kvanta" is in progress

UPD: The deadline for applications has been extended until June 15.

Want to spend the summer in the company of the coolest students? Solve not simple but interesting mathematical problems and improve their skids programmer? Play mafia with professionals and watch movies in the company of friends? We provide this opportunity! In our Summer Camp "Kvanta"!

Where and when?
Camp Kant will take place on July 23 – August 3 near Kiev on the basis of the camp "Empire of Childhood", which is located 30 km from Kiev, on a cozy, green area in an ecologically clean, picturesque area. Our camp "Kvanta" will occupy a separate building, rooms designed for 4-5 children, amenities in the room. On the floor there are rooms of teachers and medical staff. See the photos of the base!

For whom?
We invite students of 5-7 grades (completing class), as well as grades 8-9 – according to a special program of teacher assistants.

How much does it cost?
By the end of May, the cost of participation for 5-7 classes is 12900 UAH. 8-9 classes — 8900 UAH.
Hurry! Additional free spaces cannot be guaranteed after May 30!

Who will teach children?
Our teachers are students of universities (KNU, Cambridge, MIT, Jacobs University, EPFL), active participants of Olympiad competitions, as well as other guests invited to the camp. Among us there are winners and prize-winners of olympiads of different levels (IMO, RMM, EGMO, AllUkr. Student Olympiad in Mathematics and Informatics), organizers and jury of Olympiad competitions, summer camps, problem authors — people who can and want to share their knowledge!

Among the teachers invited to the camp: Slava Karpiy, Andriy Nikolaev, Zarina Kodyrov, Kateryna Dudko, Oleksiy Masalitin,Fedir Yudin, as well as our teachers-students from universities of other countries: Arseniy Nikolaev, Nastya Kucherenko, Dmytro Rudenko, Denis Pushkin, Vadim Koval.


Registration link:

More about camp, program and discounts on the site:

Have time to join our Summer mega-camp!


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