Rusanivsky Lyceum continues registration for entrance testing

Rusanivsky Lyceum continues registration for entrance testing

Ogoloshennya-pro-nabir-2021-1024x724 Rusanivsky Lyceum continues registration for entrance testing
  • to 7th grade with in-depth study of mathematics and physics;
  • up to 10 class of information and technological profile of education;
  • up to 8 and 9 classes with in-depth study of mathematics and physics(for free places);
  • up to 10 and 11 classes of physical and mathematical profile of education(for empty places).

Registration (set 2021)

(until June 5, 2021 inclusive)

Testing for those wishing to study at the Lyceum in 2021-2022 will take place in two rounds.

And the test tour (in mathematics) will take place on Tuesday, June 08. The recommended arrival time at the lyceum and the start time of testing for each entrant will be indicated in the invitation letters that will be sent to the registered participants on the evening of June 05 to the e-mail boxes indicated during registration.

The second round of testing (in specialized subjects) will be held on Thursday, June 10,for entrants who will receive a "passing" score determined by the relevant decision of the subject commission in the first round.

For entrants to the 7th grade of the second round of testing will consist of three blocks:

  • tasks in mathematics;
  • a comprehensive test in natural science and natural sciences;
  • tasks for logical and analytical thinking.

To participate in the test, participants must have:

  • an invitation letter printed or downloaded to your smartphone with the recommended time of arrival at the lyceum and the beginning of work;
  • A thin notebook or 5-6 separate double sheets per cell.
  • 2-3 blue handles, which are convenient to write;
  • ruler and simple pencil;
  • bright mind and good mood

It is forbidden to use any electronic means during the work.

Please note that all test participants in the lyceum premises must be wearing protective masks,the use of other personal protective equipment (protective gloves, individual disinfectants, etc.) — optional.

The competitive tasks of previous years can be found in the section "Entrants"

DSC_2330-COLLAGE-1-1024x1024 Rusanivsky Lyceum continues registration for entrance testing

For all questions regarding admission to the Rusanivsky Lyceum, please contact the competition commission of the Lyceum at the if

you want to:

  • understand mathematics, not just study;
  • increase the level of mathematical erudition;
  • immerse yourself in the latest technologies and physical experiments,

If you dream:

  • be "yours" in the world of algorithms and programming;
  • in the future to have a profession related to IT, finance or scientific research;
  • become part of the lyceum circle, where they will always support,

If you aspire to:

  • actively spend free time in hikes, theaters, travel;
  • to develop their leadership qualities, the ability to communicate;
  • continue studying in the best higher education institutions of Ukraine, Europe, and the world;
  • successfully pass the EIT,

then do not hesitate and enter the Rusanivsky Lyceum m. of Kyiv!

It will not be easy, but very interesting!


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