Awarding of OM participants in the regions

Awarding of OM participants in the regions

img_4023-300x213 Awarding of OM participants in the regions

As soon as diplomas and prizes were sent to the winners of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics for students of 5-11 grades. I hope that all parcels will be quietly received by trustees. I ask for the opportunity to make the presentation of diplomas in a pleasant and solemn environment for children. This year was very difficult for the holding and organization of olympiads, but no less difficult it was for the participants. We coped with all the difficulties and the solemn part came. I ask you to put up photos of the award on the site so that everyone can please us all.

And lastly, with such a mass event, certain problems and small inaccuracies are possible, they may relate to both the distribution of prizes (someone did not send something, or sent extra prizes) and the diploma itself (incorrectly printed surname or name, or school name, etc.). In any such case, tell us about it, and we will fix it. This can be done in person by contacting the organizers of the 2021 OM, or write directly here in the comments.

Photos can be posted at the following link.





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