Problem composers

Problem composers

Starting from the next academic year, all tasks for Ukrainian mathematical competitions will be accepted through the mail created for this Problem composers ease follow the following recommendations when submitting tasks:

  • Tasks should be formatted in docx files (i.e. those that can be opened by a Microsoft Word word processor). If you are already sending tasks in pdf format, be sure to add a tex file.
  • It is advisable to send each task as a separate file.
  • Provide a detailed solution to each problem. To tasks in geometry, it is desirable to provide drawings.
  • For each task, specify the approximate complexity of the task (in your opinion). If you have wishes about the level of Olympiads at which you would like to see your task, or arbitrary other wishes – be sure to indicate this (but be careful that your task is not unused due to too high requirements).
  • If the task was seen by someone who has not yet left school, then be sure to indicate who exactly and their class or year of graduation, so that the task is not used in advance.

Do not be afraid to send your tasks, especially simple! Quite often it turns out that tasks that seem too simple are ideal for the first positions of olympiads.

Help make the texts of olympiads better!


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