Simplex School of Mathematics, Pomp and Plans

Simplex School of Mathematics, Pomp and Plans

photo_2020-09-29_11-39-16-e1630522979632 Simplex School of Mathematics, Pomp and Plans
  1. History of The Complex
  2. Pandemic and Amplex
  3. Results of the 2020-21 academic year
  4. Plans for summer and next year

  1. History of The Complex

In general, the idea to start the School of Mathematics Simplex arose precisely because of the experience of conducting mathematical competitions in the city of Kiev. Their glorious history began in the spring of 2004, when we first held the Kyiv Tournament of Mathematical Battles. It was one league (9-10 classes) and competed exactly 6 educational institutions – Leader, Scientific Change, Rusanivsky Lyceum, UFML, PNL No. 145 and gymnasium No. 178. The idea was so successful that for almost 20 years the number of interesting events has increased significantly. At the same time, not only competitions for Kyivans were invented, but also a number of All-Ukrainian events. But common in all these Olympiads and tournaments remained that organizing committees formed Kyiv teachers, and the jury were students of Kiev universities. At the same time, they were more than half graduates of non-Kyiv schools. It was very pleasant, but these graduates are not from Kyiv usually asked why nothing like this happens to us, why we were not taught Olympian mathematics. And the answer was on the surface – almost all the best young mathematicians chose Kyiv universities for further study, because of that, in the regions there were few opportunities to conduct something, because any such movement should rely on the volunteer assistance of professional youth, and it was already in Kyiv.

It was for such reasons that we decided to form a school of mathematics that would help with education in the regions. And the first step is to first gain some experience while working in Kyiv. In the first year of teaching, we have included a number of the best teachers of Ukraine and Kyiv, the best students, hoping for a frantic demand for such services. Unfortunately, this turned out to be only a dream. In some parallels gathered working groups of 6 – 12 students, and in others – students were not enough, for normal work in the group. And we did not want to form a tutoring school from the school of mathematics, when the teacher works with 1 – 3 students.

The main thing that has happened over the years with Simex is that it continues to work and the potential of teachers is such that we are ready to satisfy any number of students in any parallel if there are enough of them.


  1. Pandemic and Amplex

Everyone is well aware and understands the terrible blow caused by the COVID virus pandemic across all parts of our lives – work, medical field, everyday life, etc. But one of the main flaws was the destruction of the normal education system. The transition to online training was very difficult. I think that we will soon feel the consequences of such a failure in a year – two in education. But now it's not about that.

For the Simplex school of mathematics, this moment of transition was not easy, but since most of our teachers were the best mathematics students, it was much easier for them to go online than teachers with more experience. Some students see this as a bunch of advantages even with the possibility of full-time study. And the main thing that we have achieved is the opportunity to teach students from all regions of Ukraine. The small case is to convey information about this opportunity to all corners of Ukraine.


  1. Results of the 2020-21 academic year

Already this school year we can be proud of our achievements. Many students of the Simplex School of Mathematics became winners of various mathematical competitions in Kiev and regions, from local tournaments to olympiads of the highest level.

Special congratulations to Symplex School student Anastasia Nose, who took the honorable second place in the 7th grade (outside the competition), Andriy Nykyforchyn, who took 3rd place in 10th grade
and last year's student Danylo Shvayko, who took the absolute first place in the 8th grade.

Of course, we do not exaggerate the contribution of Simex, it is significant, but should rely on working with the teacher in lessons, circles, other additional classes, etc. But our contribution should not be downplayed, especially since we continue to hope to work no less fruitfully and hope that our audience will increase significantly in the regions.


  1. Plans for summer and next year

Let's just say that we would like these plans to be fulfilled, that is, we need help in disseminating this information.


  • In the summer, we want to organize additional classes with leading teachers of mathematics in Kyiv for those schoolchildren who, as a result of online learning, could not master the studied program in mathematics. This should be done, because next year's training is unlikely to take into account the peculiarities of this year, because the program in each math class is rich and let god tell the students. These plans are for June 2021, but welcome feedback from those who actually need help mastering the school curriculum.
  • We plan to hold thematic mini-courses for those who are interested in mathematics deeper than the school curriculum.
  • From August 15 to August 28, the summer mathematical school "Mathematical Olympus" is planned, where many simplex teachers will teach. We will write more about this on the website soon, but as an announcement – we plan to type in each parallel 2 groups – one for online training, and the second – for regular live training as usual in the UFML.
  • From September, we will continue to study in our Simplex groups on Olympiad mathematics programs and in-depth study of mathematics. We look forward to your support so that we can recruit full groups in all parallels and bring a high level of math teaching to all corners of our country. Our teachers are ready for this, it's up to you.

Glory to Ukraine!!!

Glory to the heroes!!!





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