Ukraine team selection for IMO-2021

Ukraine team selection for IMO-2021

868a55da-d4b0-4030-ab37-f625402b394d Ukraine team selection for IMO-2021 1. Rules for selection
2. Conditions for determining the winners of the selection for the IMO
3. Selection conditions for IMO for Kyiv residents
4. Program and participants of the selection

1. Rules for selection

Since kyiv is carrying out enhanced quarantine measures of the "red zone", we have neither the right nor the desire to invite children from other regions here. But the annual experience of remote events shows that certain conditions must be observed. We present these conditions that will help both adhere to the principles of integrity, and participants to be in the usual atmosphere for such events.1. All students of the same city must write all 4 rounds of selection together in one place. This should be suitable for so many participants audience or classroom in some educational institution.2. This audience should be:

  • there is enough space for safe seating of participants and trustees both in the sense of integrity and in the sense of quarantine restrictions;
  • printer and scanner in the field of view of the camera, laptop with Internet;
  • organized constant video surveillance of all events during the tour – printing of conditions, work of participants, scanning of works, etc.;

3. One or two trustees must be present in the audience, which:

  • accept the conditions of tasks at 9:50, print them and distribute them to participants at 10:00;
  • be responsible for compliance with the conditions of integrity;
  • follow the order in the audience – silence, absence of unauthorized persons, etc.;
  • during the first hour, written questions of the organizing committee participants and provide written answers from the organizing committee to the participants;
  • at the end of each tour at about 14:30 collect works, scan them in the same audience under video surveillance) and send scans to the organizing committee.

Participants should write their works on A4 sheets. Samples of such paper will be sent out in advance to trustees so that they have time to print them out a sufficient amount. During the solution of tasks, the participant must write his/her surname, problem number and page number for solving this problem on each of them. Unsigned individual pages will not be considered by the jury. Upon completion, the participant must compose all the papers in accordance with the page numbering for each task and hand over to the trustee for scanning. It is not advisable to write down the meaningful parts of solving different problems on one sheet. Similarly, it is not advisable to scan pages on which there is nothing important that was used purely as a draft. Recall that the selection rounds are scheduled for April 24 (Saturday), April 25 (Sunday), April 27 (Tuesday) and April 28 (Wednesday), writing time – from 10:00 to 14:30.Questions on the terms can be asked in writing to the trustee during the first hour of work.Appeals (online) are scheduled for April 26 (Monday) and April 29 (Thursday).

Registration for the appeal should be made on the evening of April 25 (1-2 rounds) and April 28 (3-4 rounds) after the publication of the results of the verification and criteria for assessing tasks. There will also be a time for each jury's appeal.During appeals 3-4 rounds it is not possible to review appeals 1-2 rounds.Upon completion of the last appeal, a summary will be summed up – that is, a team and a spare participant will be formed. The jury meeting is not envisaged, since the summing up will take place purely based on the results of the selection.We also ask for each participant to make a contribution in the amount of 1000 UAH. This should be done either by trustees, teachers or parents, etc. of participants to a certain account, but not at the Athena Fund. These funds will be used by the jury to check the selection rounds, and this cannot be done from the accounts of the Charitable Foundation. If an adult agrees to make such a transfer, then please contact us at +38-050-561-39-64 (Bogdan Rublev, this number has a telegram, Viber, vatsap, contact you as convenient), and I will send you the details. As a refusal to make a transfer, we also ask you to warn the organizing committee or me personally. Kyiv residents can bring funds to the first round if they agree. 

2. Conditions for determining the winners of the selection for the IMO

According to the results of 4 rounds of selection, the rating of participants is formed in accordance with the amount of points scored for 4 rounds (each task is estimated from 7 points). For participants who have scored the same number of points, the rating within their group with equal points is determined by the following indicators:

1) the number of tasks for which there are more than 5 points;

2) the number of tasks followed by a non-zero assessment;

3) the amount for the three best rounds;

4) best tour;

5) the result of the last All-Ukrainian Olympiad for those if all the levels were for the same class.

With equal points for 4 rounds, those participants who have the best first indicator take the higher place; if an equal situation is formed again, then those participants who are equal in the 1st indicator are sorted by the 2nd indicator, again choose the best and the rest, if you need to sort by the 3rd indicator, and so on.

The participants of the selection, who took 1-6 places in this rating, are invited to the team of Ukraine for the international olympiad in mathematics. The participant who took the 7th place becomes a spare. In case of refusal to participate in the IMO of one or more participants from different resonances, their places are taken by the following participants of the selection. 

3. Selection conditions for IMO for Kyiv residents

Participants of the selection for the IMO from Kyiv (8 persons) will write all tours in the audience of the 01st Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics of the Kyiv National University. Shevchenko. The selection must arrive no later than 9:45. The remaining conditions are standard and are the same as the general conditions for all participants. 

4. Program and participants of the selection

April 24, 2021 (Saturday) 9:30–14:30 (1st round of selection)

April 25, 2021 (Sunday) 9:30–14:30 (2nd round of selection)

April 26, 2021 (Monday) 9:00-19:00 (appeal of 1-2 rounds, online)

April 27, 2021 (Tuesday) 9:30–14:30 (3rd round of selection)

April 28, 2021 (Wednesday) 9:30–14:30 (4th round of selection, departure)

April 29, 2021 (Thursday) 9:30-19:00 (appeal 3-4 rounds, online)

NoznLast Name, First Name, Participantregion
1Naumets Zakharm. Kiev
2Ivan SpiridonovDnipropetrovsk region
3Zolotariov KlimentiyKharkiv Reg.
4Pylyayev IgorKharkiv region
5Andriets Semenm. Kiev
6Yana Kolodachm. Kiev
7Havryliuk Antonm. Kiev
8Harin MykytaDonetsk reg.
9Volodymyr Didurm. Kiev
10Andrey Kovriginm. Kiev
11Sofia Ryabchunm. Kiev
12Sviatoslav DeniskovKharkiv Reg.
13Elizabeth Peasm. Kiev
14Ivan BortnovskyKharkiv Reg.
15Schweiko DaniilVinnitsya Reg.

Glory to Ukraine!!!

Glory to the heroes!!!


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