Vitaliy Polonsky's circle and other circles

Vitaliy Polonsky's circle and other circles

1. About Polonsky's circle 

2. About veterans" and "Juniors" groups

1. About Polonsky's group, "Veterans" and "Juniors" groups

Passed another All-Ukrainian Olympiad and another renewal of the composition of the members of polonsky group in accordance with the statutory norms. Here is a list of participants who should be in the classroom on Tuesday, April 6:

  1. Andriets Semen (Leader, Grade 10)
  2. Gavrilyuk Anton (Naukova Change, Grade 10)
  3. Henik Polina (Leader, Grade 9)
  4. Elizabeth peas (PDL No 145, Grade 10)
  5. Volodymyr Didur (Gymnasium No 178, Grade 11)
  6. Leonid Dyachenko (Lyceum No. 208, Grade 8)
  7. Andriy Kovrygin (Lyceum No. 208, Grade 11)
  8. Kolodach Yana (Leader, Grade 11)
  9. Mikhail Lysakov (UFML, Grade 9)
  10. Naumets Zakhar (Leader, Grade 11)
  11. Potemkin Alice (Gymnasium "Academy", Grade 8)
  12. Romaniuk Iryna (Leader, Grade 10)
  13. Ryabchun Sofia (Rusanivsky, Grade 11)

Upon completion of the selection for the IMO, all 11th-graders who will not get into the team will leave the club. For others , we are glad to see them until the next All-Ukrainian and wish them interesting and fruitful activities.

I thank our dedicated lecturers who are concerned about this.

2. About Veterans and Juniors groups

It so happened that during this year there were too many changes in the composition of the group members. For some reason, some of the invitees after the start of classes continue to refuse to participate. Therefore, we will now promptly re-register and survey potential members of these groups regarding a couple of points.

Key issues:

  • do you want to work in circles?
  • since starting classes – from next Wednesday or from September?

According to the first questions, groups of 12 participants should be formed according to the ratings. According to the second – a certain beginning of classes.




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