4th and VM 5–7

4th and VM 5–7

  1. The situation in the regions after regional Olympiads
  2. All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics
  3. IV All-Ukrainian Olympiad for students of 5-7 grades (GradeS 5-7)

1. The situation in the regions after regional Olympiads

In general, the situation in the regions is very diverse in relation to mathematical Olympiads – from a full understanding of their importance by almost all stakeholders in some regions to complete apathy in some others. We have conducted, or rather, conducted surveys on attitudes towards

All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics (WIM) and IV All-Ukrainian Olympiad for students of 5-7 grades (V5-7). Unfortunately, in some areas it is not yet clear who will be concerned about these questions, so not all answers are still there.

Some regions held regional Olympiads or found other factors for the formation of teams at the NAM and B5-7. In other regions, the team was determined by the OM, but there are no traditions for holding Olympiads for younger schoolchildren, and in the current conditions it is also quite difficult to hold such an event. Therefore, they are ready to put the participant in 7 classes according to the results of the regional Olympiad and cannot declare participants in grades 5-6. There are some regions where even after the regional Olympiad there are certain difficulties with the formation of the team, because university representatives have never bothered with this. Therefore, they either have to "mature" to lead this process, or find those who will take it or help form a team and organize its participation in the IOM.

2. All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics

We really wanted to hold a OM as it had done before, namely to gather participants and the jury in one place and hold a full-time event. Of course, it should have been carried out in compliance with all existing quarantine restrictions, in particular without opening and closing, on which we have an inappropriate accumulation of participants of the Olympiad. But this format of conduct was to be based on the almost unanimous desire of this representatives of most regions. But unfortunately the situation is different now, almost half of the regions only want online conduct. The resonances are completely different – not all parents give consent, there is no funding and sponsors, etc. As for me , the main thing here is the lack of desire to worry about it, especially in such difficult times.

Holding 3D in a mixed format, when just over half of the teams compete side by side in one place and the rest in their fields, it seems inappropriate for us. This method is conjugated even with more difficulty than trying to bring all the teams together in one place.

Therefore, the 3D format will be close to last year's format, with certain differences. I will try to describe here how it will pass, and everyone can help us remember those important or not very nuanced things that we did not immediately remember with their comments, questions, hints, etc.

  1. The team from the region should be assembled in one place to write each of the two rounds of the Olympiad. A trustee should be responsible for this, which guarantees integrity in all understandings of WIM conduct in the region. Last year, we managed to enlist the support of such people in every region except Donetsk, and there were no complaints about the organization of the IOM. Somewhere the event was organized more conveniently for children and organizers, somewhere less convenient. This year is simply enough to take into account certain shortcomings and inconveniences in the organization of OM last year, and therefore there is hope that this year everything will go smoothly.

We ask you to inform the OM Organizing Committee by March 25, 2021 about the person who will become the organizer of the 3R in your region, as well as the location of the OM.

  1. The number of team members should not exceed the rating of the region, which was calculated according to the standard formulas of the current Regulations on olympiads according to the results of the last two years. Let's give it here, because not all representatives of the regions were aware of this.



























If the team is less than the specified number of participants, next year's rating will be calculated at the number indicated in the nameplate, that is, not to take a participant who may not become a winner will not make any sense for the future rating.

  1. OM tours are scheduled for April 1 and 2, 2021 from 10:00 to 14:00. The appeal will be held on April 3 and 4, 2021 and should be completed by 17:00 on Sunday, April 4. At 17:00, the final jury session will begin, summing up the UM.
  2. Let's hope for the latter that the OM will again take place in all areas. If it is not possible to organize the event somewhere, then when determining the number of winners in each class, we will assume that there are 1 conditional participant from each such region.
  3. Last year's jury showed its ability to check, discuss work, conduct an appeal, etc., so this year we will appeal to most of its last year's members. But it is clear that it will contain new representatives. Firstly, these will be our last year's Olympiads, who this year have already joined the jury at various events in different regions. Secondly, we are waiting for proposals from the regions whom they consider appropriate to add to the jury of the OM. It is clear that it should be professional people in the sense of mathematical olympiads, as well as in the sense of communication.

3. IV All-Ukrainian Olympiad for students of 5-7 grades (GradeS 5-7)

This Olympiad will be held in the same way as last year on the principles of conduct, and within the same period as this year's OM, that is, from April 1 to April 4, 2021.

  1. The main difference from the IOM is the principle of formation of participants from the region. If there is a trustee responsible for this team in the region (ideally, it is the same person who will be responsible for the organization of the OM), then it forms and organizes the team's participation in B5-7. If there is no such person in the region, then as in previous years we will accept applications from individual participants regarding participation in B5-7. I think that we will address this issue in more detail after March 15, when we will receive the compositions of the teams of the regions both at the NAM and on B5-7. In the mean time, let's look at the main points, as it was done for the IOM.
  2. According to the rules of B5-7, each team from the region can have 1 representative from the 5th, 6th and 7th grades. Additionally, 2 representatives from Kyiv – Sydorenko Mykhailo (6th grade) and Ostrenko Ivan (7th grade), as well as a representative of Kharkiv – Kutakhov Matviy (7th grade), who took 1 place in their classes at the previous Olympiad can take part in the Olympiad.
  3. The dates of B5-7, as mentioned above, are the same – 1 and 2 rounds will be held on April 1 and 2, 2021, the appeal – April 3-4.
  4. Let's hope that from each region there will be participants who will participate in B5-7. As an example, as representatives of the region of 7 classes can be participants of regional Olympiads, which showed the best result in the parallel of 7 classes.
  5. We also count on jury proposals from the regions.





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