Results of Kyiv City Olympiad

Results of Kyiv City Olympiad

picture3 Results of Kyiv City Olympiad


1. Results of 1 round

2. Appeal

3. Summarizing

4.Other jury decisions and interesting information

1. Results of 1 round

We present the results of the inspection of works.


2. Appeal

The form of the appeal will be standard, but with some clarifications. You should familiarize yourself with the criteria for checking tasks and see if they meet the points for your work. If the jury did not see the decision or part of it, which according to the criteria should have been evaluated by more points, then you must apply for an appeal. Submission takes place on-line. By 9 p.m. on Tuesday, you must fill out this form.Other applications on the day of the appeal will no longer be accepted.

Application form

Criteria 7 class

Criteria 8 class

Criteria 9 class

Criteria 10 class

Criteria 11 class

On Tuesday after 21:00 or as early as Wednesday morning, an appeal schedule will be given, that is, to prevent crowding, which is not acceptable this year. If there are too many people willing to appeal in a certain parallel, then participants should come to the appeal within the specified period of time in the specified audience. You will be invited to appeal. Be sure to have a mask with you.

3. Summarizing

Upon completion of the appeal, there will be a jury meeting, at which the results of the 1st round will be summed up. There will be determined the winners of this year's city Olympiad, as well as participants who will fight for a place in the team of Kyiv for the All-Ukrainian Mathematical Olympiad (VOM). It should be reminded that according to the rating of the city of Kyiv, our team will consist of 13 students (9 in the rating and 4 for the first places last year). Personal places have Henik Polina (9th grade), Kaminska Anton (10th grade), Kovrihin Andrey and Naumets Zakhar (grade 11).

4. Other jury decisions and interesting information

1. The dates of the following events have been pre-approved.

February 21 – 1st round of selection for THE

February 28 – Round 2 of the Olympiad 4–6 

March 7 – 2nd round of selection for THE

March 14 – 3rd round of selection for THE

March 21 – 1 round of The Kyiv Tournament of Mathematical Battles

1–4 April 2019 OM and All-Ukrainian for grades 5-7

April 9-15 – EGMO 

April 18– 2nd round of The Kiev Tournament of Mathematical Battles

May 3-9 IMO selection

2. If there is such an opportunity, the OM on April 1-4 would like to hold a gathering of the best young mathematicians of Ukraine in one place. This is the opinion of Kyivans, but the vast majority of heads of regional teams should agree to this.3. We must look for a way out of the situation with the ratings. Olympiads have been canceled, All-Ukrainian under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science has not been held for 2 consecutive years, so in the Ministry of Education and Science and the Institute for a year or two, when they decide that the Olympiads can be held again, the ratings of all teams will be 4 participants. This means a complete catastrophe and failure of Ukraine's team's participation in the IMO. Therefore, it is necessary to look for a solution to this issue together, and the only reasonable of which we see the recognition of the events we have taken. 

In addition, the appointment of stipendiy not only "winners" in the EIT, but also the winners of olympiads looks equally strange. Just when they are officially abolished by the MoD. And all our efforts to recognize our 10 silver medalists of the International Olympiads in Mathematics and Informatics and to award them the presidential scholarships provided for turned out to be in vain. Maybe this decision will be valid until the Olympiads are canceled? And how will their conduct be restored and the decree will be canceled?




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