Good luck…

Good luck…

The 1st round of the Kyiv Olympiad in Mathematics of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv will be held on Sunday, January 31, 2021 from 10:00 to 14:00 at the natural sciences faculties (radiophysics, electronics and computer systems, computer science and cybernetics and mechanics mathematical) at the addresses Glushkov Avenue 4 g, 4d and 4 e

  1. Regional Olympiads, beginning
  2. Nuances of the Kyiv City Olympiad
  3. About Kyiv City Olympiad for students of 4-6 grades

  1. Regional Olympiads, beginning

Tomorrow, January 31, 2021, regional olympiads of young mathematicians will be held in the vast majority of regions. I hope that everything will go smoothly without unfortunate overlays and inappropriateness. Although everything is possible, but it must be resolved calmly in working order, since all this idea is aimed at our children, for our future. Try to convey to all the children who were registered the exact place and time of the regional Olympiad, because sometimes the regions called with such questions.

If the jury members or/and organizing committees of regional Olympiads have questions on tasks, organization, further actions in the region and in General in Ukraine, contact us, advise and prompt or find effective solutions to all issues. I really wanted to get photos from each region in the form of feedback, as happened this summer during the IOM. Everything else – we expect everything you want to share for publication on our website.

May we be lucky because we are worth it, and especially our children. They deserve that for them we find an opportunity to hold such events.


  1. Nuances of the Kyiv City Olympiad

I will not repeat all the formal moments of the city Olympiad – the distribution of audiences, the agenda, the work of volunteers, etc. First of all, I want to write a certain warning, which I was prompted by communication on these days after the completion of registration. Every day we/I wrote, called, left in the comments a request to dose one or even a group of children. We have all children equal and have the same rights, both at the Olympiad itself and before it began. Registration is complete and participation of unregistered children is not possible.

I ask you not to bring students who are not on the final list of distribution by classrooms in the calculation that we will feel sorry for the child and we will allow it to be so acceptable to the competition. It won't happen!

I also ask parents who have not volunteered not to break into the faculties, so that somewhere quietly sit there and wait for the child.

Do not forget to give your children participants of the Olympiad, except for written devices and chocolates disinfectants. If you think that your child should write the whole Olympiad in a mask, then there will be no obstacles in this, although we will not require this from every child. But moving along the corridors (before the Olympiad, upon completion, to the toilet) must necessarily be in a mask.

As for the situation with volunteers, the situation there is simply ideal for the 7th grade, and for all other classes it is not ideal, but no longer critical, which was a couple of days ago. Thank you to everyone who responded. The organizing committee of our city Olympiad will be in the audience 01 (K), so you can immediately move in its direction to receive written instructions, lists and ask your questions.


  1. About Kyiv City Olympiad for students of 4-6 grades

We remind you that the 9th Kyiv City Olympiad for grades 4-6 will be held on Sunday, February 14, 2021. Registration ends on January 29 at 12:00. Registration for this Olympiad has ended, additional participants cannot be brought outside the registration this year. Soon expect the distribution of participants by audiences.

Regarding the charitable assistance for this Olympiad, I have already emphasized 2 main points.

First, it is voluntary, without this assistance your child can participate in the event on an equal basis with all other participants, as well as a greater contribution of parents will not affect the evaluation of the participant's work.

Second, if you are a normal person, then follow our requirements for this assistance. It is better not to transfer it at all than you do with the wording "Charitable assistance for the health". Firstly, we will have to spend additional efforts to return such contributions to their owners, and secondly, we consider this as rudeness towards the organizers of the Olympiad. Of course, the child should not suffer from such actions of adults, so if it does not accidentally be among the participants, then take it as an accident…



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