XIV All-Ukrainian Tournament of Mathematical Battles

XIV All-Ukrainian Tournament of Mathematical Battles

I emphasize that we will carry out all our activities in accordance with the

epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the current restrictions in force

in Kyiv and KNU them.Shevchenko

  1. Potential participants of the XIV All-Ukrainian tournament
  2. Analysis of the situation

  1. Potential participants of the XIV All-Ukrainian tournament

As expected this year, the tournament becomes almost Kyiv. On the one hand, it is unfortunate that so few participants are not from Kyiv. On the other hand, we understand how difficult it is now to dare children and teachers on such a journey and how difficult it is for parents to let their children go. This year is how it will remain. As for kyiv teams, this year they will have no other opportunity to hold such an "intensive event", where during the week students will be able to solve interesting various problems and compete with their peers. Kyiv tournament of mathematical battles will take place in its order, but there the load on the participants does not go to any comparison with the All-Ukrainian. Well, for participants from other cities – individual or whole teams, if you dare to join us, then we will only be happy and a place for you – both in the schedule of the competition and in the UFML dormitory, of course, we will find.

We present the preliminary distribution of registered participants by teams. It is edied rather for all potential participants and managers to make edits, because inaccuracies are possible, because this information was collected from too different sources.

Junior Leaguehead Participantshostel
2Leader-1 Zinchenko6 
3Leader-2 Zinchenko 6 
5Lyceum 208–1Konashenkov6 
6Lyceum 208–2Konashenkov6 
7Lyceum 208–3Sinelshnik6 
8Lyceum 208–4Ushakov4 
 Technical Lyceum 1 
Middle Leaguehead Participantshostel
1Leader-1 Romanenko6 
2Leader-2 Romanenko6 
4Lyceum 208Konashenkov6 
6Scientific ChangePafik6 
 Symplex 1 
Major League Baseballhead Participantshostel
1Rusanivsky LyceumDreval6 
2Lyceum 208Konashenkov6 
3Vinnitsa TLPopova66+1
8PNL 145Kaminska6 
9National team 145+NZSavchenko6 
 Zaporozhye  1


  1. Analysis of the situation

We immediately emphasize that this year we will not object to participation in the first two events of the odd number of teams. Zanzibar is generally the more teams, the more fun the competition takes place. But according to the results of the team olympiad with an odd number of teams, the team from Kyiv (and here almost all such, except for the UFML and Vinnitsa), which will take the last place in the league with an odd number, leaves the next tournament of mathematical battles.

Please respond to this list if you see inaccuracies there.





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