"Mathematical Zanzibar", September 13, 2020 Difficult start of the new year

"Mathematical Zanzibar", September 13, 2020 Difficult start of the new year

All specific information about Mathematical Zanzibar is an agenda, a new distribution of audiences (I note that it is constantly updated, because new offers from teams come), etc. you will find in the previous post. There's just speculation from the organisers.

Now we are all torn between security and the desire to at least do something in education, olympiads, etc.

If you just hide in the houses, go to a solid on-ain, then:

  1. This should be "online" at the state level – this is the support from the state of families, where parents should also often stay at home;
  2. This is also an understanding that students, if they receive, are inadequate education. All arguments about the ability to work online or independently, rest on a simple understanding of our present – what to do if there are at least 2 children in the family, 1 children's room, 1 computer for everyone, including the home of working parents.

If you neglect the threat of infection with the virus, then:

  1. Children can get sick, what to endanger themselves, especially their loved ones, who are over 50.
  2. All our educational institutions have failed all responsibility on the directors of educational institutions, that is, in case of a serious illness or god forbid something else, all the blame on them. That is, it is so easy to substitute the directors of educational institutions, and it is clear why, they are looking for a minimum reason to transfer their educational institution online.

Therefore, the truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle.

  1. We will hold our events on schedule within reasonable, that is, maximum compliance with all safety measures. This can be seen on Sunday during the zanzibar, although it costs us a lot of additional costs and efforts – the purchase of antiseptics, masks, invitations for additional volunteers, etc.
  2. If we ban certain measures, we will transfer them online, if the quality does not suffer from it. Otherwise, we will postpone.

Therefore, it is very important for the organizers to listen to the opinions of teachers about this situation. Therefore, I ask all interested people to arrive at the meeting. And parents, teachers or children themselves – stay at home if you feel a certain danger when participating in zanzibar. If you become a member, then follow all the rules of conduct.

P.S. I am sometimes surprised by the frantic admiration of some students, teachers, teachers and especially school administrations and online learning universities. You do not need to go anywhere, go, in the premises of educational institutions quietly and comfortably… So I feel, if this virus is defeated by our medicine and nature, will these captured (including many very talented people) want another virus or a similar threat so as not to return from online ever…




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