"Quanta" announces the recruitment for the 2020-21 academic year!

"Quanta" announces the recruitment for the 2020-21 academic year!

kvanta_start_cover "Quanta" announces the recruitment for the 2020-21 academic year!  A new academic year is approaching, and what kind of training without Quanta? 🙂

In addition to the usual full-time classes for Kyiv residents, this year Kvanta additionally starts recruiting children from other cities of Ukraine in an online format! In this post you will find all the information about the lessons and will be able to register (link to registration:

A little bit about us

For 4 years we have been teaching Olympiad mathematics to high school students (as well as programming). Active members of our group have quite impressive results at mathematical competitions of different levels — see the page of our website Our Olympiad achievements. At the same time, the most hardworking students of 6-8 grades study for free! Our curriculum has been thought out and rolled back in detail in recent years, and our teachers are schoolchildren and students with a lot of enthusiasm who have Olympic experience. You can get acquainted with us on the page Our team.


Quanta in Kiev

(briefly: grades 5-8; eye/online* classes; Telegram during the week for grades 6-8)

Format of classes: Classes take place on a daily saturday for 3 hours (together with a break). However, given the situation, there is also a possibility that classes will take place remotely (see below). Additionally, grades 6-8 have another important part of the learning process — communication with teachers during the week via Telegram, where they pass tasks and can ask questions on topics. More detailed information about studying at the club can be found here: Educational process.

Place and time of classes: Every Saturday from 15:00 to 18:00 at the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics of KNU. Taras Shevchenko (address: ave. Akademika Glushkov, 4d, Kyiv, 03127, metro station "Vyskovyvsky Tsentr"). The first class will take place on Saturday, September 12.Regarding the impact of COVID-19: The situation is quite unstable, and no one knows what will happen in the future. Therefore, we immediately note that in case of deterioration of the epidemiological state in the city, we will switch to the online format. We did it when quarantine was introduced, and we succeeded. In addition, we will adhere to all the rules imposed by the university regarding the safe conduct of classes. This includes: temperature screening at the entrance to the faculty, wearing masks, compliance with restrictions on the number of students in classrooms and the lack of support for children further than entering the faculty.

Cost and free seats: The following prices are the prices for 1 lesson:

  • For 5 classes — 190 UAH.
  • For students of 6-8 grades — 285 UAH.
  • For quantum participants who visited us for at least one semester in the last academic year, there is a reduced price — 225 UAH.

The first two classes are free of charge, which are probationary. Payment is made for the semester, consisting of 2 test + 12 ordinary classes. For grades 6-8, it remains a rule that the estrands study for free! More details about the financial and legal aspects of the group can be viewed on the page Cost and payment.


Quantum for students from other cities

(briefly: grades 5-7; online classes twice a week;  Telegram during the week)

Format of classes and time: Classes will be held twice a week for 1.5 hours using zoom platform. Groups of 5 to 12 students are planned. The first class will take place:

  • for 5th and 7th grades on Monday, September 14;
  • for 6 classes — on Tuesday, September 15th.

Between classes, students communicate with teachers on Telegram, where they pass tasks and can ask questions on topics.

Cost and free seats: For all classes it will be 100 UAH/lesson.
The academic year will be divided into 4 quarters, each quarter consists of 14 classes (that is, 7 weeks), payment will be made for a quarter. The first two classes will be tested (free of charge). According to the results of the first quarter, the estrands of students will receive free seats for the next quarter! More details about the financial and legal aspects of the group can be viewed on the pag
e Cost and payment.


Registration for Quantum

If you want to pass the competitive selection and visit "Kvanta" (or attend first test sessions and then decide whether you want to join us), please fill out the registration form. Registration will last until September 9.

button-ua-300x82 "Quanta" announces the recruitment for the 2020-21 academic year!

See you at the classroom! 🙂


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