Information about VI All-Ukrainian Summer School "Mathematical Olympus"

Information about VI All-Ukrainian Summer School "Mathematical Olympus"

In this post there is important information about the course of the Olympiad.
The Olympiad in each class will be held in Zanzibar format at 12:00, that is, only answers are important!
If you have any questions about the format of classes, olympiads, etc., then leave comments under this post.

The Olympics start at 12:00.

For what class to write olympiad?

If the child graduated from the 5th grade, then the Olympiad should be written for the 6th grade.

The payment could indicate the class that the child graduated from, and in which he will study next year. We will orient and find you in the lists.

Where can I find tasks?

Tasks for all classes can be found at the link:

How much time is allotted for the Olympiad?

Grades 5-6: 2.5 hours

Grades 7-8: 4 hours

Grade 9: 8 hours

Grades 10-11: 3 hours

Where do I send replies?

Grade 5-6 at the link:

Grade 7-8 at the link:

9th grade at the link:

10-11 class at the link:

Where will the classes take place?

Classes will take place on zoom platform. Therefore, make sure that children have an account.
Sticky: In the zoom profile, children must be signed: "Last Name Class." This is mandatory for the entire period of study.


10.00-13.00 Lectures (maybe there will be breaks)

15.00 – 16.30 Continuation of classes. Perhaps it will be a homework check, a continuation of the lecture, certain Olympiads or competitions.

It is also possible that there will be weekends either for the whole day or in the afternoon.



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