Cyberspace Mathematical Competition

Cyberspace Mathematical Competition

From July 12 to July 14, Ukraine took part in the Cyberspace Mathematical Competition (CMC), which was held for the first time. In total, more than 70 countries participated.
The Team of Ukraine consisted of 8 participants. According to the rules of eight participants, there should have been at least two girls. We chose our representatives from the EGMO, but they are grade 9 students who found it difficult to compete with the strongest representatives of the world on an equal basis, but they also showed a decent result. So, the composition of the team was as follows:

Aleksey Masalitin: UKR1
Peas Lisa: UKR2
Mykhailo Shandenko: UKR3
Ivanchuk Roksolana: UKR4
Naumets Zakhar: UKR5
Romanus Yaroslav: UKR6
Hasin Marco: UKR7
Yudin Fedor: UKR8

The team leaders were Bohdan Rublev, Arseniy Nikolaev, Zarina Kodyrov and Anton Trigub.

The participants wrote two rounds of the Olympiad (each tour within five hours) at the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics.

20200714_154653-300x169 Cyberspace Mathematical Competition

The tasks and solutions of this year can be found below:
Day 1

In general, we have the following results:

CHN03China77757777541Gold Medal
USA07USA77747577512Gold Medal
RUS08Russia77717777503Gold Medal
UKR07Ukraine77707777494Gold Medal
CAN07Canada77707777494Gold Medal
SGP02Singapore77707777494Gold Medal
USA04USA77707777494Gold Medal
RUS05Russia77707777494Gold Medal
UKR08Ukraine77707777494Gold Medal
UKR05Ukraine757077704073Silver Medal
UKR01Ukraine7770751034144Bronze Medal
UKR03Ukraine7070775033155Bronze Medal
UKR06Ukraine7700707028211Bronze Medal



We are proud of our participants and wish them even more victories!
20200714_160601-1-300x169 Cyberspace Mathematical Competition
20200714_154914-300x169 Cyberspace Mathematical Competition
20200714_155510-300x169 Cyberspace Mathematical Competition


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