All-Ukrainian on-line Olympiad of the best young mathematicians of Ukraine (WIM) 2nd round

All-Ukrainian on-line Olympiad of the best young mathematicians of Ukraine (WIM) 2nd round

1. The main part of the 3rd All-Ukrainian Olympiad for grades 5-7 has ended

2. Conditions and solutions

3. Verification and appeal

1. The main part of the 3R has ended and

3rd All-Ukrainian Olympiad for 5-7 grades

The bulk of our events are over. Technical things remain – verification, appeal and summing up. To the honor of our mathematical community, as well as to all who supported us, the events have come to glory. The IOM was attended by 161 children, of whom 147 were in application areas and 14 replacements. As for replacements and those who generally wanted or could not participate, the following should be noted.

First of all, a number of 11th grade students who realized that they did not have a lot of chances to make their way to the IMO, so they fully focused on the EIT, as well as on respite before the student years. We dream that this Olympiad will be recognized as the successor of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad this year, but under any conditions there is no chance to get additional points for the winners from the 11th grade upon admission. Therefore, their decision looks clear, although we do not approve of such a choice. Although after such voluntary refusals in some regions claimed spare participants from other classes, that is, they gave way to those who will compete in school olympiads for more than one year.In the second turn, and this is very sorry, some students refused not from regional centers, which were difficult to get to the place of the Olympiad. We even offered financial assistance, but parents and children decided to abandon the event this year. Most of them were usually replaced by other representatives from the area, which were next in the ranking.

Also very active children took part in the 3rd All-Ukrainian Olympiad for students of 5-7 grades. Unfortunately, not everywhere they managed to select participants, so not all regions were able or wanted to expose their representatives. Zato from some regions was attended by participants outside the competition, for which it will be a good experience for victories in the next Olympiads.

2. Conditions and solutions

Today, the conditions of the problems were small clarifications, we give the conditions and solutions of the problems of the 2nd round of both Olympiads.Solution 5-7 2nd round

2nd round of 2

3. Appeal

The appeal will be held within two days – Thursday and Friday. Here we present a schedule of appeals on those tasks on which it is already known.

The application form for the appeal will appear along with the results. Representatives of the regions are asked to send their work to the children.

Glory to Ukraine!!!

Glory to the heroes!!!


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